Take Charge of Your Future With Merchant Cash Advance Financing

Increase Your Cash Flow, Fast

Don’t wait weeks for business loans. Get an MCA in as little as one business day and receive funds in your business bank account in as little as two.

You aren’t just a credit score or profit and loss sheet. We’ll assess your future business potential and find the ideal financing for you.

Approval Based On Potential,
Not Just Your P&L

Your lump sum advance is yours to spend how you choose. From buying inventory, paying employees, or making emergency repairs, merchant cash advances are great for any short-term needs.

Use The Money How It Suits You

Apply for a merchant cash
advance (MCA) today

Remittances come directly from your credit and debit card sales, so you can make remittances on a daily or weekly basis without threatening your cash flow.

Worry-Free Remittances

Discover how, unlike traditional loans, an MCA lets you grow, not owe.

Get approved in as few as 24 hours

Merchant Cash Advance for Small Businesses With Big Dreams

30,000 Small Businesses Funded…and Counting

Somerset Cleaners

Eli Kik

“I already had an existing dry cleaning business in another city, and an opportunity came to expand. We tried to go through traditional banks and private lenders, but unfortunately, the experience was very difficult and the terms were even harder. I called Credibly, and within two days I was able to get the funds that I needed. We were able to improve our business and the process was very, very easy.”

Other Business Cash
Advance Options and Loans

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Enjoy lower interest rates and better repayment terms with these business loans

Pay only for what you use with this flexible financing option

Business Line of Credit

Short-term loans to cover everyday operational expenses

Working Capital Loan

Support your company’s growth with equipment-specific financing

Turn unpaid invoices into capital without having to worry about chasing down clients

Long-Term Small Business Loans

Right-sized financing to make your long-term growth dreams a reality

Equipment Financing

Invoice Factoring

10-Minute Application Process

Avoid laboring away over piles of paperwork; pre-qualify by filling out an online form

Why Choose a Merchant Cash
Advance for Your Financing Needs?

We’ll approve you for a merchant advance, loans, or other financing in as little as 24h

Quick Online Approval

Our MCA and loans have factor rates of as low as 1.09%.

Low Factor Rate

Only pay back what you make. Remittance for MCA loans comes out of the fees from credit/debit cards

Unlike loans, MCAs don’t hurt your credit score so you can maintain or work toward good credit

Get funds deposited into your account in as little as 2 days

Secure Funds in Days, Not Months

Flexible Remittances

Protect Your
Credit Score

What Sets Us Apart From Other
Merchant Cash Advance Companies

How little time it can take to go from “Applied” to “Approved”

24 Hours

Average remittance periods based on the payments to your business by credit cards

3-18 Months

Small businesses financed across the U.S.


Partner With a Top Merchant Advance Company

Over $1.3 Billion In Funding

One of the country’s top small business finance providers Credibly has helped over 30,000 small businesses realize their potential.

Our 100% U.S.-based responsive customer service team is available to support ambitious small business owners across the country.

Get The Support You Need

Don’t settle for just any loan, our merchant cash advance experts will be in touch shortly after you’ve submitted your online application to discuss your options.

Easy Online Application Process

Get the Financing You Need

Pre-Qualify Now

As a small business owner, when you obtain a merchant cash advance from Credibly, you’re not merely completing a transaction; you’re entering into a partnership.

We’ll never try to saddle you with loans that don’t serve your vision or help you achieve your full potential.

The Best Financing For Your Needs

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