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How Project Management Tools Boost Productivity for Your Home Services Business


Hana Dickman

You run a successful home service business, but as you spend more time on administrative duties and less time doing the work you’re passionate about, it could hinder your ability to bring in the clients that keep your company growing. It’s time to look into how project management tools that can help boost your productivity.

Centralizes Your Essential Documents

Project management applications bring your essential documents into one place. Whether you’re looking for the project specifications for your regular landscaping customers or hiring documents for your contractors, you can upload these files into the project management application. Many project management tools are cloud-based, which means the software is hosted on a remote server. You can access the tools from any computer and many smartphones and tablets, instead of being locked in at your office desk. This flexibility allows you the time to get on-site and check-in on home service projects without falling behind on your paperwork.

Streamlines Scheduling

During busy seasons, it’s hard to keep track of how many projects are going, what contractors and employees you have assigned to each and what free periods you have. Smooth out your busy season cash flow by getting a visual representation of your work load. Calendar view is helpful for planning over the long term, while agenda and project deadline views give you a close look at the day to day business operation. You don’t need an entire HR department to figure out when employees are available, when you need contractor assistance to fill in the gaps, and other scheduling difficulties. Employees can mark off availability for projects and request vacation, with all requests in an easy to view location.

Keeps Everyone on Top of Task Management

Having problems keeping individual employees and contractors on task? Task management features are a common part of project management tools. You can assign specific tasks to a team or individual, helping you manage multiple sets of employees without playing phone tag with your on-site managers.

Project management tools are an essential part of creating a more productive workflow. When you spend less time on the phone and stuck at the office, you’re out advertising, adding your personal touch to projects and working on local marketing campaigns that will continue to grow your company.

Which Tools to Use?

You’ll literally find hundreds of “best of” lists online, but we’ve pulled together a handful of top mentions, from both the freemium and high-end categories:

  • Apollo HQ – a combo project management tool and CRM, Apollo integrates with several cloud based services, including Dropbox, Harvest, FreshBooks and Google Drive
  • Asana – can be used by up to 15 people for free
  • Basecamp – feature reach and easy to learn, Basecamp is a good tool for on-boarding new team members or clients. They also have a free 2-month trial.
  • Teamwork – around since 2007, Teamwork is device agnostic and boasts nearly 375,000 clients worldwide

What are your favorite project management tools, and why? Tell us in the comments below!