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Credibly’s Right-Sized Approach to Small Business Lending


Minyang Jiang

For many small business owners, securing access to short-term working capital is critical to growth. But when you’re ready to take out a business loan, it’s crucial that you don’t simply look to borrow right away, but more importantly, the right way.

One of Credibly’s guiding principles is to provide the right amount of capital, at the right price and right length, at the right time for our customers. That’s the definition of Right-Sized Capital, and it’s what sets Credibly apart from our competitors more than anything else.

Why Is Right-Sized Capital Important?

Many online lending companies are concerned with only one thing — providing capital quickly. However, that capital is often expensive relative to risk, and not at the right amount. In other words, it doesn’t address the most important question in providing loans and funding options to small and medium-sized businesses: Will the money actually help the business that’s borrowing it, or will the business end up in worse financial shape because of an improperly sized loan?

Let’s say a pizza shop owner needs $30,000 to replace a pizza oven that’s critical to his or her operation. Providing $15,000 in working capital won’t help them at all, because it’s not enough to cover the specific need of an oven. On the other hand, if you give that pizza shop owner a loan for $100,000, they’ll be stuck with a lot of unnecessary debt, and might struggle to keep up with the payments. Securing too much money too quickly can be destructive because it places pressure on a business to take drastic action, when a more prudent, strategic approach is warranted.

Right-Sized Capital means building trust as a committed partner to small and medium-sized businesses, delivering the most affordable and appropriately sized loans. Credibly helps you find the loan you should be approved for, rather than the biggest loan you can be approved for.

How Does Right-Sized Capital Work?

Credibly’s goal of providing Right-Sized Capital is evident from the moment you apply for a loan. By working with you directly, we get to know your business personally, so that we can create a funding option that best fits your needs. It’s a uniquely customized approach that takes your overall business health into account more than just your credit score and collateral — and it’s not something you’ll find at a traditional bank or from our online competitors.

To find you the right-sized loan, Credibly relies on a holistic underwriting philosophy that includes data-crunching software and a razor-sharp team of actual human beings. (“Big Data + Big Brains,” as we affectionately call it.) Getting to know you and the condition of your business helps us understand what your working capital needs actually are.

By leveraging analytics and a 360-degree approach to analyzing your business goals, Credibly is able to put a human face on data in order to deliver the right amount of funding that is not only fast, but also strategic and sustainable.

A More Human Experience

From our inception in 2010, Credibly has been at the forefront of funding innovations, from our Daily Pay Loan and upcoming Term Loan, to our game-changing Credibly Offer Optimizer. All of these innovations seek to provide Right-Sized Capital to our customers through new financial products, as well as our underlying proprietary model that generates the best financial offer for our customers based on desired features — including size of loan, duration of loan, payback method — and their risk profile.

But despite the thousands of data points we take into account when building a loan for a business, we never exclude the common sense and personal touch that can only come from people. Credibly leverages technology and data science in service of a more human experience, to build customized lending products and a personalized online experience that includes education, resources, and guidance.

Credibly is more than just a loan provider — we provide the right loans, to the right business owners, at the right time. Right-Sized Capital is the future of funding, and for the business owners who have already benefitted from Credibly’s human approach to business loans, the future looks bright.