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How Cloud Technology Can Help Bars and Restaurants


Hana Dickman

Companies must evolve alongside technology, and that includes those in the food and beverage industry. Whether you want to give your customers a better experience, or need technology to make your business more productive, cloud-based apps can definitely help.

Lower IT Costs

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is Software as a Service (SaaS), a “subscription” to cloud-hosted software that you can use without having to worry about maintaining the software or hardware.

It’s often much cheaper to use SaaS instead of purchasing the license for a standard program installation. Your IT costs may also drop dramatically, since you’ll never need to call in an expert to repair a problem with your software.

NFC Technology

While it may seem like a far-fetched technology hack for small businesses, near field communication (NFC) technology is very real, and already available thanks to the cloud. Customers can use NFC technology to pay their bill by waving their card near your payment machine. If you invest in something like Apple Pay technology, customers can even wave their smart phone instead of using a card. This makes it even easier for them to spend money with your business.

Cloud-Based POS Systems

Just like SaaS programs, you can use POS programs stored in the cloud to greatly reduce the risk that an on-site malfunction will take down your entire payment system. Better yet, if a glitch does occur, the SaaS provider will have backups of your data ready to restore immediately.

SaaS point of sale systems are also beneficial for restaurants or bars with multiple locations, since you won’t have to worry about installing server hardware in each building.

Better Customer Experience

Cloud technology can also be used to improve your customers’ experience in your establishment. For example, with the right equipment, customers can use the cloud to play music on your jukebox with their smartphones. Some cloud offerings even allow your guests to have trivia competitions with people from across the country.

Utilizing the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult, and taking advantage of its many possibilities ensures that your restaurant or bar has a better chance at success.