5 Businesses That Require Less Than $10,000 To Launch

By Emily Kil

Being in business for yourself is the American dream. Though many people think of business ownership as a massive undertaking that demands tremendous capital and years to build success, there are some really simple business ideas that do not cost very much to get started.

Here are five simple startup businesses that require less than $10,000 to launch.

Local Landscaping Service

Local homes and yards always need grooming throughout the year, but it is expensive to hire professional landscapers. A single person can easily run a lawn service without investing in more than a lawn mower, a tree trimmer, and a leaf blower. A truck and a set of tools is about everything else you’d need to get a small local landscaping business started. Many people do this for a summer and turn it into a steady part-time business, or grow to the point where they start to hire additional workers.

Residential Cleaning Business

With a couple of shop vacs, a carpet shampooer, a steam cleaner, and a bulk supply of new cleaning chemicals and deodorizers, anyone can start a residential cleaning business. It would also be smart to buy some janitorial and kitchen cleaning supplies, which would allow you to do commercial house cleaning as well. Within a short time, you could be making serious money—and pursuing niche markets for unusual needs like crime scene cleanup, unattended death services, and biohazard cleaning might make your business boom.

Online New and Used Bookstore

This is a green-friendly business idea, because recycling books saves a lot of paper waste, which means a lot of trees. Selling new and used books might seem challenging because you’re dealing with a lot of inventory, but it isn’t very hard to set up. If you go to yard sales and estate events, you can buy more than your share of cheap books to post for sale online. It is easy to make profits if you are diligent about listing, selling, shipping, then buying new books to replace your inventory. All you need is a part of one building to get started for storage, so it is easy to do from your home.

Online Book Publishing Business

Between Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and other brand-name companies that offer self-publishing services for a percentage of book sale profits, nothing could be simpler than starting an online book publishing business. You can either sell some books that you have written, or recruit other would-be writers to your small publishing house to start making some real money. (Tip: romance novels tend to make a killing.)

Used Bicycle Repair Shop

Bicycle transportation is the Earth-friendly way of getting around, and it’s growing in popularity, but there is a downside. Bicycles are constantly in need of repair work, especially changing tires and detailing. If you like working on bikes and building self-powered pedal cycles, this might be the perfect small business for you to enter into.

There is little investment, other than a good set of tools and maybe a garage space to use. Too many bikes get thrown away, abandoned, or left busted up on the streets; if you save and recycle these you will have tons of spare parts to drawn upon. As you build new customers, they will return again and again when their bikes break down.

The First Step is Simple, The Rest is Work

All the ideas presented here are businesses that require less than $10,000 to launch and run all by yourself. The reward of running your own business is a great feeling that cannot be overstated. Plus, the economics of it are low and easy to afford.

Starting your first small business venture could lead to bigger goals down the road, but you will never know if you never dare to take the risk. If you have the freedom, the time, the resources, and the drive, then maybe it’s time for you to do what you always have dreamed of doing with your life. Good luck, and may all your businesses be profitable.

Emily Kil is a professional blogger that writes about small business, family, and digital marketing.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and two dogs.