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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Market


Ben Goldstein

For any small business, smart and engaged employees are the most important investment, but these employees can be hard to find — and the war for talent is fierce. So how should a small business that isn’t widely known attract and hire a top-notch workforce?

Here are six tips to help you reach the right talent and convince them to join your team:

1. Give Your Company Extraordinary Appeal With a Branded Careers Site

To attract the best talent on the market, you need to put your best foot forward. The easiest way to make your brand more attractive to potential talent is by designing a branded careers site within your company’s website.

More than 60% candidates consider career pages to be a valuable resource when searching for jobs and more than 30% research new opportunities on their smart phones. Having a mobile-responsive careers site with high-quality original photos of your employees, engaging videos that project a great company culture and interactive job descriptions that offer work-life balance will leave a lasting impression on your prospective candidates and compel them to consider you over your larger competitors.

2. Speed Up the Selection Process with Automation

Recruiting software offers all the resume evaluation and management help you need — from uploading resumes in a snap and converting every format into a standard profile for faster scanning, to filtering relevant candidates using specific keywords and short-listing the ones that best suit your business requirements. Recruiting software does all this and much more to free up your valuable time for more important things. There are tons of options out there so be sure to do your research before choosing the best applicant tracking system for your company.

3. Offer a Flexible Opportunity and Attractive Rewards

Small businesses offering an enjoyable work culture along with a challenging and fulfilling job role have a competitive advantage. Today every small business needs to show that they can easily adapt to advancing technology, have an open flow of communication, promote creativity and innovation, and have an employee-friendly culture.

Small businesses stand out when they can offer performance perks, flexible work schedules, and free meals. An ambitious candidate who seeks autonomy, flexibility, and growth will definitely see the value in your offering and consider your company.

4. Use Social Media for Small Business Hiring

When you have to fill an open position, don’t just list your job requirements and post it to different social platforms. To differentiate your brand from your competitors and leave your best impression on potential talent, use social media channels and employer review sites to identify the pain points and recurring complaints of job seekers. Use these pain points to your advantage and address them to create a culture that your ideal employees want.

5. Offer a Meaningful Career Ladder

Everyone wants a job that offers scope for growth, so if you want a high-performing workforce make your offer attractive by including skills training and educational programs. Know the aspirations of your potential employees, tailor your courses accordingly, and be sure to show your potential talent the value of these courses in terms of career growth. When they see the opportunity for a developing career with your small business, it will become easier to attract a larger crop of top talent.

6. Leverage the Benefits of Being a Small Business

Unlike a big company where every employee is just a small standardized part of a big monolithic organization, a startup offers the opportunity to make a difference without dealing with bureaucracy. In a startup, every employee gets the opportunity to wear quite a few hats, rotate jobs, and play multiple roles.

Every small business owner needs to convey the advantage of learning multiple new skills in a fast growing business, versus being siloed into a specific business area in a big firm where your skills remain limited to a certain job. Top candidates seek a challenging job where there is autonomy, freedom to innovate and the scope to grow.

Talented and tech-savvy employees are essential for the long-term success of your startup. To attract them you need to make your application process easy, your work culture flexible, the job roles rewarding and most importantly your recruitment methods more applicant friendly.

For this you might want to consider deploying an applicant tracking system that automates job advertising, ensures consistent communication, keeps constant track of applicants at every stage of the sourcing cycle, screens the right fit fast and easy, and keeps all the candidates updated and involved throughout.

Recruiting is very important for a startup and by using an applicant tracking system, you can attract high-quality candidates at a much faster rate and take your brand to the next level with ease.

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