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5 Low Cost Tools to Streamline Your Social Media


Hana Dickman

(Image via HowtoStartABlogOnline.net)

Sure, social media seems simple when you’re posting family photos on your personal Facebook page. But as a business owner, it’s serious business, and requires serious, time-consuming work. Best case scenario, you hire a social media expert, and you don’t have to think much about it. Worst case scenario, you spend hours a day on your business social media until you give up. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are 5 low-cost online tools for small business social media that can turn things around:

  1. Hootsuite: If you use more than one type of social media for your small business (and, like it or not, you should be), Hootsuite is a major time-saver, allowing you to schedule posts ahead of time, manage social media campaigns, and monitor your performance, all in one place. If you’re not using a good social media management tool like this one, your social media marketing is probably working below its potential.
  2. Feedly: To keep your followers engaged, you need fresh content, with original content as well as useful links. If you’re burned out from using search engines to find sharable content that fits with your brand, try a free RSS Reader like Feedly. You set the keywords to watch for, and it collects content for easy curation.
  3. ManageFlitter: If you’re just tweeting without actually networking on Twitter, ManageFlitter can help. This free/low-cost tool helps you find other accounts that you should be engaging with. It also helps you clean house by unfollowing accounts that are dormant or spammy.
  4. Forismatic: Need some inspiration? The Forismatic app for iPhone and iPad delivers a customizable stream of words to the wise. Share any you think will speak to your followers, and chances are they will share them with their own.
  5. SocialMention: Analyze your social media topics and keywords instantly (and for free!). With SocialMention just do a search, and you’ll see how often the word or phrase has been mentioned in the past 30 days. This not only helps you keep an eye on what’s trending, it can also be used to stay on top of social media mentions about your business, whether they’re positive or negative.

Do you have any secret weapons for handling your small business social media? Let us know!