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4 Must-Have Investment Apps and Sites for Entrepreneurs


Minyang Jiang


As an entrepreneur, you are very familiar with taking risks in your business every day. However, when it comes to personal finances, most entrepreneurs are either nervous about taking risks with investing, or simply don’t have the time to give investing the TLC that it requires. Betting on your business to serve as your retirement fund could leave you high and dry if your business doesn’t succeed.

The good news is that an array of financial tech companies has taken the guesswork out of investing and growing your money. Here are four great investing must-haves to get your money working harder for you in the New Year.


Blooom’s motto is, “we fix your 401(k).” Many entrepreneurs have an old 401(k) from a previous employer that is just sitting and collecting dust. Blooom is the perfect answer for your tired 401(k), and with for a low fee, Blooom will analyze and manage your 401(k) based on the investing options that are available to you with the goal of increasing your return. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to utilize professional money management skills at the fraction of the price of an independent investment manager.


Goldbean’s your stop if you are new to investing and want to start building a portfolio but have no idea where to start. GoldBean’s special feature is the ability to upload your recent credit card or bank statements for them to analyze your spending history and financial profile. From there, they recommend a portfolio based on the companies that you actively spend money on. Their philosophy is that investing should begin with what you know and love.


Like GoldBean, Sprinklebit is an online program that makes investing easy and fun. Utilizing “the crowd,” Sprinklebit allows you to see what investing decisions others are making and learn from their hits and misses. You can practice building a portfolio risk-free with $5,000 Sprinklebucks, and browse through their Sprinklebit University to learn the ins and outs of investing from some of the best minds in the business.


Acorns is an innovative new app that invests the spare change from purchases you make into diversified portfolios. Ranging from conservative to aggressive, Acorns create five different portfolios with help from Dr. Harry Markowitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who is credit with birthing Modern Portfolio Theory. The fees are simple and affordable, and students can utilize this app for free.

While nothing is a panacea, these apps and programs are making the task of investing a lot simpler, and more inexpensive than ever. You run a large portion of your business from your mobile phone and now you can also grow your financial wealth with that same ease.