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The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]


Ben Goldstein


What are the best big cities for small business owners to make a splash? Credibly and Venngage have joined forces on a new infographic that lays it all out: The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Businesses.

We took the 20 most populous cities in the United States, then cherry-picked the 10 that had the highest Credibly Business Index scores, indicating their “friendliness” towards small businesses. (Cities with matching scores were ranked based on their annual small business revenue.) The result is a fairly definitive ranking of big cities that are fertile ground for business ownership and entrepreneurship.

View the infographic below, or at this direct link. A big thanks to our friends at Venngage for the lovely design; go here to download an ebook on how to create great infographics of your own!

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