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What Does ‘Customer Experience’ Mean to Credibly? [Video]


Ben Goldstein

In an industry as competitive as small business lending, it’s important to set yourself apart. Since our founding in 2010, Credibly has been committed to providing the best customer experience in the small business lending space. It’s what makes us the most trusted choice for small business owners as well as our strategic partners.

As this video explains, great customer experience starts with people. Credibly’s executives and employees work every day to make small business lending simple, personal, and painless at every touchpoint. Here are a few reasons why our partners have chosen Credibly to provide an exceptional lending experience for their customers.

Wide product range

“Credibly serves small businesses through strategic partnerships starting with a premise that’s core to our philosophy: that all small businesses have a right to access capital. We built our business to make sure that we have a price and product for every small business.” — Ryan Rosett, CEO

Simple application system

“Our Credibly.com site makes it easy for customers to find the information they need to make an important decision about their financing options. Our online application and Customer Account Online provide customers quick access for applying for a product, then managing their payments when they’re an existing customer.” — Jeffrey Bumbales, Director of Marketing

Personalized advice and support

“The question I get most often from small business owners is really not a question. It’s more of a, ‘help!’ Many times, they’re going through this process for the first time. They need capital, and this can be a scary endeavor…They need someone to walk them through the situation, and that’s what we do on a day-to-day basis.” — Gary Bailey; VP, New Originations

Free educational resources

“The Credibly content program is all about providing small business owners with education around how to grow and manage their day-to-day operations and finances. Many of them have told us they didn’t go to school for business, and so they love seeing and hearing what others are doing to grow their companies.” — Stephanie Mladenoski; Marketing Operations Manager

High approval rate

“The best customer experience is to hear ‘yes,’ and so we work with our strategic partners to make sure their small businesses are hearing yes more often.” — Oliver Mupas; Director, Engagement Team