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Credibly Financial News Roundup for the Week of November 16, 2015


Ben Goldstein

With the world of small business finance changing so quickly, who can stay on top of it all? Here at Credibly, we sift through hundreds of blogs, news alerts, and emerging Fintech trends every day, selecting the most important industry updates so you don’t have to. Here’s the financial news that caught our attention this week.

Rising Interest Rates Could Be Good For Entrepreneurs And Small Business by Chris Myers, Forbes
“One unintended casualty of the low-interest rate strategy has been lending. While capital has been relatively cheap, it has become difficult to secure. The reason for this is that low-interest rates tie lenders hands, so to speak. Without much of a “spread” (the difference between what they pay for capital and what they charge borrowers), many lenders — banks, in particular — have been unwilling to take on riskier loans.”

15 Ways to Get a Top Google Ranking for Your Small Business by John Rampton, Entrepreneur
“Having trouble getting your small business site to rank in the search engines? Not even sure where to start? This post will provide you with 15 simple hacks to ensure your site is properly optimized and starts ranking as soon as possible. These hacks have helped me to go from a startup to having millions of online visitors to my site each month in less than a year.”

It’s Not You, It’s SME: Why Is No One Investing in Smaller Businesses? (Video), The New Economy
“The New Economy asks Glenn Goldman, CEO of Credibly, why SMEs struggle to get investment considering they account for more than half of the world’s GDP and two-thirds of all employment. Could the rise of Fintech be about to change this?”

6 Ways to Smartly Run Your Small Business From Home by Melinda Emerson, Small Business Trends
“One of the perks of working for home is that you aren’t running on anyone else’s schedule. This can be a great thing because you can truly make your own hours. Flexibility is great, but to get the most out of your business, you still need to have a set schedule. Since you work from home, you may decide you don’t want to be nine-to-five; maybe you want to work noon to 8 p.m. It’s completely up to you — but stick to it, and be productive in those eight hours.”

Fuelling Economic Growth in the Midwest – An Interview With Ryan Rosett by Guglielmo de Stefano, AltFi
“…A crucial question for any platform looking to broaden out its reach is how to manage growth. According to Credibly’s founder more accurate data is critical for any financial and non-financial decision and platforms not only need to rely on data, but also on the right kind of data. Partnerships are another essential channel for international expansion. Indeed, Ryan argued that with the right partner, it is easier to set new branches abroad, containing costs and benefiting from an existing loyal customer base.”

Lousiana Rep. Charles Boustany Pushes Bill to Allow More Foreign Workers by Erin Kelly and Deborah Barfield Berry, USA TODAY/Hattiesburg American
“Congress is considering legislation to allow employers to bring in thousands more unskilled foreign workers for seasonal jobs that last as long as 10 months at a time. Supporters — including conservative lawmakers who rail against efforts to legalize undocumented immigrants already in the United States — say employers cannot find enough Americans to meet peak demand for industries such as landscaping, forestry, hotel housekeeping and seafood processing.”

Why Sarcastic People Are More Successful by Jessica Stillman, Inc
“Sarcasm, as we all know, might be occasionally hilarious (and often a pretty great way to vent your annoyance with the world), but it doesn’t exactly seem like a surefire strategy to build alliances and get ahead at work. In fact, most career coaches would probably tell you to avoid it at all costs at the office. Except maybe they’re all totally wrong. That’s the suggestion of research on sarcasm that is bound to cheer fans of snarky comments everywhere. Apparently, sarcasm doesn’t just make you happy; it can also help you be more creative and successful.”


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