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Credibly Financial News Roundup for the Week of August 10th, 2015


Ben Goldstein

With the world of small business finance changing so quickly, who can stay on top of it all? Here at Credibly, we sift through hundreds of blogs, news alerts, and emerging FinTech trends every day, selecting the most important industry updates so you don’t have to. Here’s the financial news that caught our attention this week:

Google Announces Massive Overhaul of Its Business Structure With ‘Alphabet’ by Jay Yarow, Business Insider
“Google’s founders just hit a massive reset button on their business. In a press release sent out Monday afternoon, cofounder and CEO Larry Page renamed and reorganized the company. Google has been turned into a subsidiary of a bigger company called Alphabet. Alphabet will be a parent company that oversees the new initiatives Google has been launching as of late.”

Better IRAs for Small Business Employees Are on the Way by Mark Miller, Money
“If you work for a small business that doesn’t have a retirement plan, help is on the way. Roughly half of the U.S. states are working to create government-sponsored automatic individual retirement account (IRA) plans that would enroll workers without access to employer-sponsored retirement plans.”

Why Is Brazil’s Economy Such a Mess Right Now? by Patrick Gillespie, CNN Money
“Its economy is in recession, its currency is plummeting and its president, Dilma Rousseff, has the lowest approval rating — 8% — since another president was impeached in 1992…American credit rating agencies have rated Brazil’s debt one step above junk territory. And everyday Brazilians are suffering as the currency’s value is falling fast.”

Square Launches Service Offering Small Businesses Instant Deposit of Payments — For a Fee by Mark Calvey, San Francisco Business Times
“Square debuted a new service for merchants designed to help tackle one of their biggest challenges: managing cash flow. Square said sellers using its app will be able to click a button for instant deposit of balances between $50 to $2,500, paying a 1 percent fee.”

How to Fake an Office by Princess Jones, Small Business Bonfire
“Solopreneurs tend to have more flexibility than some other types of entrepreneurs. One of the biggest benefits to this style of business is that you can be officeless. I’ve been officeless for many, many years and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to work in their pajamas and cut back avoid on overhead.”

Your 10 Point Checklist to Starting an Ecommerce Business by Nellie Akalp, Small Business Trends
“With more than 206 million predicted shoppers spending money online this year, there’s never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business and selling products online, use this checklist to do it the right way.”


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