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America’s Most Successful Business Franchises by Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]


Minyang Jiang

These days it seems like everyone wants to start a business. And in modern times it’s gotten easier than ever before, in no small part due to the ease and accessibility of investing in a business franchise.

Franchise businesses are essentially the ability to use a business’s established brand name and processes to sell a product or provide a service, generally in exchange for franchise fees and licensing rights. (Or, to put it simply, it’s a big part of the reason you see so many McDonald’s restaurants everywhere!)

With the ease of operation and comparatively low cost of entry they offer, is it any wonder that many American business owners prefer to open franchises rather than launch original business concepts? The bigger question, really, is which franchise should I open?

Thanks to the Credibly Business Index, we’ve been able to calculate and provide a score to the most successful franchises in America, as well as determining information like the average cost of operations, the number of similar franchises, and more! Take a look and see how they stack up:

Surprising Survey Findings

As you can see, there are few surprises in opening a franchise—of course, Planet Fitness is going to be the most popular fitness franchise around, and it feels like you’re always driving past an Econo Lodge during any long road trip. It is kind of shocking to see Petland be the most popular retail franchise, but think about how many people you know that have pets; they all have to shop somewhere, right?

If you’re looking for more small business ownership advice, check out the Credibly Business Index for more information on what business to open, where to open it, and more!