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Small businesses in the U.S. employ over 56.4 million people, generating over $16.2 trillion in revenue annually. That’s one-quarter of all working-age adults in the country and about 57% of our GDP relies on small businesses.

Small businesses are not just the beating heart of our economy, they are also the very essence of our society – the foundations and pillars of our communities. At Credibly, we want to help small businesses thrive, and by providing accessible financing, we can play a part in their success story.

Not just the right financing—the right partner

Credibly’s mission is to help small businesses grow by providing right-sized capital solutions. While that means making sure you have access to financing that fits your needs, it’s a lot more than that.

“[Credibly] was able to work with me on my specific situation and give me options.” says a restaurant owner who recently received financing from Credibly. “They didn’t just completely shut the door on me, unlike others.”

To help owners like this restaurateur, Credibly partners with you to understand your business and unique needs. Our use of innovative technology and data science also helps us provide financing to businesses that might’ve been declined by other traditional financing routes.

No impact on your credit score, no strings attached

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A fintech that’s focused on you

Fintech lenders, like Credibly, are expanding access to capital by factoring in more than just a credit rating when evaluating your business. We combine an entire host of data points relevant to your current business health to make financing decisions.

It’s one of the reasons why we have nearly double the approval rates of the big banks. With cutting-edge fintech, we identify potential in small businesses. Plus, we also use metrics that truly reflect business performance.

Our technology helps us get your business the right financing in a fast and seamless way.

At the same time, we also understand financing can be stressful and confusing. We ensure small business owners will have direct access to a finance expert when they talk to us.

We don’t just spend time with you to identify the right financing option, we make sure you’re comfortable with it. That’s reflected in our 4.8 rating (out of 5) from over 1,760 reviews on Trustpilot.

“Thanks to Paul DeLucia, Credibly relieves lots of stress for us. We have been a client of Credibly for several years, and no one can beat their rate, service or willingness to match us with the right product. We feel very confident in working with them and know we can trust what they tell us. The efficiency with which we can get money is amazing.

“Thank you, Paul, and the ladies in customer service for always being there for us!” said Karla in a TrustPilot review.

“I didn’t know a place like Credibly even existed”

“We have received a large commission for a large hotel project” explains Mark VanderZanden of Surround Architecture. “Architecture firms like ours require quite a bit of capital…we need to be able to pay our employees and buy equipment. And oftentimes we won’t be paid for months.”

A simple, dependable source of financing is crucial. It gives you the confidence that your business will have the capacity to deliver on new projects without scrambling for funds.

“I turned to Credibly because it was going to be simple and easy…and it turned out to be quite easy.”

Case Study Credibly provided financing options in just 4 hours
…and helped Joan grow her restaurant

Read Joan’s Credibly Story

“I like the people and how easy it is…”

“…how comfortable I am to talk with the folks at Credibly and just how simple it is,” adds Mark.

At Credibly, we recognize every business is different. Our financing experts and Customer Service team work with you to know and understand the unique challenges your small business faces, so they can tailor their support just for you.

Who said getting financing has to be difficult?

Get the funds you need to take the next step easily.

Simple paperwork, simple approval process, simply get the funds deposited same-day.

That’s why over 46,000 small businesses rely on Credibly for financing.

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