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Supply Chain Secrets for Non-Supply Chain Managers


Minyang Jiang

Supply Chain Secrets for Non-Supply Chain Managers

logistics.about.com – In many small businesses, the employee managing supply chain also manages other functions. In some cases that employee is also the owner, because the owner has created relationships with suppliers, established specs for product quality and intrinsically understands the connection between supplier performance and the ability to deliver customer satisfaction.

But at some point in a company’s growth, owners will need to bring in a supply chain pro to run supply chain. Why? For the same reason owners wouldn’t wear an orange shirt to The Home Depot. At some point, they’re going to get tired of answering questions that other people should be answering.

Supply chain pros are specialized technical experts that manage intricate details and complex logistical relationships and it takes years and years to fully grasp the breadth of their knowledge and capabilities.

Or so they (or, ahem, we) would like the world to believe.