4 Benefits of Small Business Loans for Women


Jeffrey Bumbales

While women are rapidly dominating the working world, accounting for 52 percent of today’s workforce, they face a number of barriers in the marketplace that can lead to greater financial difficulties than men. The average woman-owned business has a credit score of roughly 40 points below that of men-owned businesses. Additionally, women-owned businesses earn roughly 15 percent less than men-owned businesses, yet they have operational costs of nearly 21 percent more. By taking out a business loan, women can bolster their own revenue streams and strengthen their business models. Here are a few of the benefits that women can receive from a business loan.

1. They can cover routine operational costs.

Women, on average, struggle with higher operational costs than men. This is likely on account of the businesses women are typically drawn to. Women open retail stores more frequently than men, and retail stores are notorious for having high operational costs. To help combat operational costs and ensure you can make your monthly payments, a small business loan can help.

2. They can grow your business and increase their profit margin.

Since women-owned businesses earn disproportionately less than men-owned businesses, focusing on growing the company and improving profit margins is imperative. Small business loans for women can enable them to invest in their company and reach wider demographics of consumers. With a loan, they can launch a successful marketing campaign, invest in higher quality merchandise and equipment, and hire or train new staff. Ample working capital is essential to meeting your daily needs as a business owner, and a small business loan will allow you to grow store profits.

3. They can build their credit.

Many women have lower credit scores than men, and taking out a business loan can provide a convenient option for building your credit score over time. By making regular payments, you can steadily improve your credit score, which will make future loan approval even easier. Just be careful not to default on your loan by ensuring you can meet the repayment terms in advance. By defaulting on a loan, you risk damaging your credit score further.

4. They can invest in the future of their business.

Small business loans aren’t only for businesses in desperate need of funding. Taking out a loan can benefit you at all stages of business growth. By taking out a loan in advance, you can meet your monthly operational costs easily, and have extra money on-hand in the event of an emergency.

For women to continue to succeed in the workplace, they need to regularly invest in the future of their company. In order to meet your operational costs, grow as a business, increase profit margins, and succeed in the marketplace, consistent access to capital is essential. By taking out a loan now, you can regularly meet your immediate operational costs and have more money available in the event of an emergency. For modern business funding solutions, contact Credibly.