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Office Space Investments That Pay Off


Studies show that an improved office space contributes to a more productive workforce and overall happier atmosphere for your business. A happy staff makes your business bloom, and spoiling them with a clean, updated and collaborative office space will boost their productivity. There are countless guides about why you should invest in your place of business, but the best office space investments really depend on your team and budget. We’ve included a list of high impact office space upgrades to help you identify improvements that will have the largest impact.

Color Is The Secret

Many people know that wall colors have psychological effects, but most people don’t know how to use it to their advantage.  For example, white tends to keep us calm and satisfied; but it can be dull. Pink can be too tranquilizing and have a decreasing effect on productivity. Red can increase productivity and lift the atmosphere; but, it has to be used partially in combination with another neutral color.

Fresh paint is one of the best methods for refreshing and improving an office space. It’s immediately noticeable and give the feeling of a clean and updated space. Plus, it’s very affordable and the project can be completed in days.

Use Scent To Stimulate Productivity

Just like wall colors, scents can have a drastic effect on our mood and productivity. Ever wondered why the spa is so relaxing? Lavender’s scent induces a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Peppermint and cinnamon aromas, on the other hand, can boost focus and attention.

Investing in olfactory sensations will not only make your employees feel better, it also leaves a lasting impression when prospects and clients visit your office.

You don’t need to invest heavily in the big brands – you can find great diffusers and essential oils online for under $100.

Improve Your Office Layout

The last couple of years open-concept offices became one of the most popular layouts. The reason is both cosmetic and practical:  they look spacious, modern and elegant and encourage communication. However, many studies showed that open layout offices also tend to make employees less productive. Why is that?

Visualize a vibrant office where everyone works and communicates all the time. While that works for certain types of business, it’s too noisy and distracting for certain team dynamics.

If you plan on totally revamping your office, consider how different office segments work and collaborate with one another. The best layout is the one that accommodates every team’s needs.

Introduce Break Rooms

Invest in break rooms! You will notice the changes in your office atmosphere and your workers will be satisfied. No one can be focused for 8 hours straight without a proper break. Breaks keep us focused and motivated. Having a specific, well-arranged place where an employee can relax, chat and have a snack or a cup of coffee is an absolute help to get them to return to work in a more-productive mood.

Break rooms should provide a place for minds to relax. Try complementing these rooms with bright neutral colors, cozy green or blue sofas, coffee tables, and a relaxing scent. Make your break room look less official than the rest of the office. It should be a place where people love to go and relax.

Lighting systems

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an office space. Light affects our mood, productivity, atmosphere and overall well-being. Letting in as much as natural light as possible is always a desirable move.

In general, all artificial lights are not as good as natural ones. Investing in the high-quality lighting system is critical; multiple studies show that absence of proper lighting can cause depression.

Also, lighting is a great opportunity to add value to the property by maximizing natural light and save on costs. We recommend choosing LED light bulbs or smart and energy star light bulbs that adjust to the outside conditions.

Find The Right Office Temperature

Another thing business owners frequently overlook is the office temperature.  Extreme temperatures can cause problems with focus and represent a significant obstacle to productivity.

Studies showed that 22 Celsius (71.6 Fahrenheit) is the consensus optimal temperature for comfort and productivity. Keep in mind that this will fluctuate depending on outside conditions. Also, women are more sensitive to temperature than man.

Similar to lighting, cooling and heating are great opportunities to save money while improving the value of your property. Smart thermostats can analyze outside temperature and adapt the inside temperature for maximum comfort and office efficiency. And depending which thermostat you choose, you don’t need to be in the office to adjust the temperature.

Also, ensure that heating and cooling ducts are sealed and that no air is slipping through.  Properly sealed ducts can save up to 20 percent of energy which can result in tremendous money savings.

These simple yet effective office improvements will undoubtedly help you save money and it won’t go unnoticed by employees.

Improving Rented Office Spaces

Decorating and improving rented properties can be quite tricky. There are many aspects to take into consideration

  • Does your landlord allow renovations?
  • Is it worth spending your money if you don’t own the property?
  • Should you repaint an office you’ll maybe leave in 6-12 months?

Luckily, the majority of landlords allow minor changes in a rented space such as furniture rearrangement or changing lighting system as long as you can return it to the original condition once you leave the property.However, for procedures such as repainting or installing a new HVAC system, you should communicate your plans explicitly – even if it goes against your leasing contract. Some landlords will help you subsidize projects or decrease your rent in return. Why shouldn’t they? It’s their building and finding new tenants can be extremely stressful.

If it turns out that bigger changes are completely out of question, focus on minor improvements that can make a large impact. Carpets, wallpapers, modular storage, wall art, portable eco-friendly heaters, and energy monitors can go a long way.

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Matt James is a writer and editor working for local contractors specialized in home improvement, smart technology, architecture & design. He loves writing, traveling, home design, interior home design, exterior home design, and dogs. Looking to connect? Catch him on Facebook or Instagram.

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