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Mobile Marketing Tips for Reaching Millennials



Mobile Marketing Tips for Reaching Millennials

The smartphone market continues to rise in dominance, particularly in the United States: Gartner reports that one billion smartphones shipped out worldwide in 2013. If your audience is filled with millennials, you know they’re glued to their phones. Take your marketing where they are and make mobile a priority.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive websites, mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites have their place, but mobile-optimized websites provide a big advantage for millennial entrepreneurs. A mobile-optimized site is designed specifically for the mobile viewer, based on the information most useful for the reader. For example, you may have a lot of information about your company’s vision and goals on your desktop homepage, but a mobile viewer might visit your site specifically for contact information, hours and product information. They want this information delivered as quickly as possible.

Local Optimization

Another area mobile marketing excels in is local marketing. Many consumers search for points of interest near them, so optimizing your mobile marketing efforts on hyper local markets pays off big. You can also pair your mobile email marketing efforts up with other forms of local optimization by delivering content relevant to the area. For example, if you run a consumer tech company and you’re having a local demo event, you can send this information out to a mobile marketing list centered in this location.

Bite-Sized Content

Mobile readers check their phones at short opportunities throughout the day. The small screen size and lack of time makes it difficult for mobile readers to look through more than a few hundred words at a time. Succinct messages are your best bet to reaching mobile users before their attention gets drawn away by a distraction.

QR Codes

Marry your non-mobile marketing efforts to your mobile marketing plan by implementing QR codes in other marketing material. QR codes are the square bar codes readable by a smartphone app. These QR codes can lead to more information about a specific product, information about local events or other marketing messages.

Mobile marketing is an essential part of success as a millennial entrepreneur. Most of this generation loves their smartphones, making it a prime marketing channel for your business. Implement these techniques to round out your mobile campaigns and reach your audience in their native ground.