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How to Lose an Online Sale (& How to Fix it Before the Holiday Rush)



How to Lose an Online Sale (& How to Fix it Before the Holiday Rush)

Author: Claudia Elliott


Here we are in the post-summer lull — your mind is probably a million miles away from even thinking about the holidays and what it means for your online store. But realistically, we’re less than two months away from Black Friday, and now is the time to start strategizing about how to increase holiday sales.


Online sellers continue to post gains during the holiday season, but there is ever-increasing competition, and it’s important that your website honors the user experience so you can keep customers returning and win new business.


How to increase holiday sales — now is the time


A quick pre-holiday review of your site can help you get your share of holiday season sales. So how exactly are you currently losing online sales? Let’s take a look at ten of the most common offenses, and how you can turn things around in time for the holiday season.


You force your customers to create an account


Your dream customer is likely someone who visits your site once, shares lots of demographic information and makes a big purchase. Dream on! The fact is that if you’re lucky enough to make a sale during the holiday season, you may never see that customer again.