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Instagram Ad Tips for Small Business Owners Who Want to See Results!



Instagram Ad Tips for Small Business Owners Who Want to See Results!


If you’ve been wondering how to get more followers on Instagram you are not alone.


Instagram has more than 500 million monthly active users which means almost every single demographic is represented in large numbers on the social network. That’s exciting for digital savvy brands!


There are a lot of articles out there that will tell you how to grow your follower count organically. Just google “how to get more followers on Instagram” and thousands of articles will pop up. Instead of adding to that mix, today I want to talk about Instagram ads.


I know, I know. Paying for ads can be frustrating especially if you’re never paid for social media ads before. The thing is, Instagram ads can be really effective!


Bloom & Wild, a flower delivery service, was able to increase their orders by 62% using Instagram ads, and Burt’s Bees saw a 5pt lift in product awareness when they ran an Instagram ad campaign.


Whether you run a sales campaign or a brand awareness campaign you’re going to naturally grow your follower base as each ad includes an easy option for interested users to follow you.

As long as you are targeting the right audience with your ads, you’ll see your follower count grow in addition to seeing an even more important lift in sales and/or brand awareness.