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How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points



How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points

Author: Faith Ocampo


How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points


Every brand aims to make the customer journey as painless and enjoyable as possible. They know it’s the key to build trust with their target customers.


However, no matter how sophisticated the purchase journey is, pain points are still inevitable. As customers’ preferences change, your business must be able to cope by making the necessary adjustments. This means you have to be attentive to the voice of the customer so you can meet their expectations. Here are ways to identify the customers’ pain points and solve them permanently.



When sales reps or telemarketers pitch their products and services, they tend to use the “sell-and-tell” technique. Armed with dazzling smiles and captivating phrases, they mostly focus on what they should say to convince customers to buy. This prevents them from listening to the customer’s story.


This is the most common mistake that brands make. When they find a sales opportunity, they make the whole thing about them, forgetting that the decision to buy rests in the hands of their customers. If you’re not willing to listen to what they have to say, let alone give them a chance to speak up, they won’t trust your brand.