4 Items Your Business Should Review Before Year’s End

Administrative Business Responsibilities

With the year winding down, it’s a great time to tackle some housekeeping duties that you may have been putting off. Having a simple checklist to follow can help you complete your most important tasks before December is out. As you get ready for the countdown to the new year, here’s where you should be […]

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How to Keep ‘Em Coming Back: A Guide to Effective Customer Retention

Customer Retention Guide

For a lot of business owners, the reasoning is simple — get enough customers and we’ll be golden. However, acquiring new customers is just one piece of the puzzle, and there are many more areas that you need to focus on in order to stay successful. Customer retention is one of those areas! Sadly, businesses […]

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Three Ways to Fund Your Small Business Without Collateral

Business Financing Without Collateral

By Berrak Sarikaya, Lendio Lending money can be a risky business, which is why most traditional lenders require borrowers to put up collateral for a loan. Collateral is simply a valuable asset, such as your house, car, or even a savings account in your name. In the event you’re unable to pay back your loan, […]


5 of the Best Talent Management Tools for Small Business

Best Talent Management Software Tools

Software tools have become critical to a company’s success across departments – and HR is no exception. The right talent management solution can take your workforce to a new level of productivity, professional development, and leadership. The trick is exactly that – choosing the right software tool for your HR setting. Here are a few […]


Using the Debt Snowball Method to Clear Small Business Debt

The Debt Snowball Method

Running a business is difficult – it’s even tougher when you have to keep up with increasing bills every month. Entertaining clients and placating impatient creditors can be brutal, but it’s something you have to deal with. The big question is how will you deal with small business debt? There are many methods for paying […]


How to Find the Best Payment Processor for Your Business

How to choose the best payment processor for your business

For consumers, credit cards make paying for goods and services quicker and easier. But for merchants, they can be a headache. Many business owners are shocked to find that credit card payment processing is one of the largest expenses businesses face, second only to labor costs. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that can’t be fully avoided. […]


Is A Short-Term Loan The Best Fit For Your Business?

When unexpected life events happen, sometimes you’re prepared and sometimes you’re not. As a small business owner, not only are you handling the curveballs that life throws your way, but also the unexpected challenges of business ownership. What happens when you’re not financially prepared for these situations? If you’re a small business owner, cash flow […]

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5 Ways to Engage Employees When They’d Rather Be on Vacation

Engaging Employees Who Would Rather Be On Vacation

For many of us, summer means days spent dreaming about laying on the beach, taking a dip in a hotel pool, or road-tripping to a picturesque national park. But once we hit adulthood, summertime really just means getting into the office a little sweatier than the rest of the year. Vacations aren’t guaranteed, and the […]

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How to Make Your Business Financially Agile and Immune to Shocks

Small Business Financial Agility and Shock Resistance

Everyone has experienced a financial shock, if not in business certainly in their personal lives. An unexpected car or home repair are common examples. In business, a financial shock can come from things close to home. These might include, a sudden need to repair or replace equipment, a vendor raising their prices, damaged inventory, or […]

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5 Types Of Equity Financing For Small Business

types of equity financing for small business

Running a small business and thinking about your next expansion move? Equity financing can be one of the most beneficial ways to obtain a large injection of capital without the need for loans from banks or other conventional lenders. In equity finance, you sell a percentage of your business to an investor who in return […]