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Meet Michael Seneski, CFO at Credibly

Michael Seneski (BA, ’87, General Business), Director, Corporate Strategy, Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Michigan.  [MATTHEW DAE SMITH | for the Broad College of Business]

Credibly, a leading FinTech SMB lending platform continued its investment in executive leadership with the hiring of Michael Seneski as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. Seneski is a seasoned finance professional with an extensive background in financial services and corporate strategy.

As the CFO of Credibly, Mr. Seneski will be responsible for overseeing the company’s financial strategy to drive growth, operational excellence, and long-term market leadership.

“Michael brings with him great leadership, vision, strategy, and experience,” Ryan Rosett, Co-CEO, said. “His impressive background and proven ability to pioneer innovation makes him the ideal individual to position Credibly throughout its next phase of growth.”

Mr. Seneski joins Credibly with over 28 years of finance and operations experience at Ford Motor Company. He held numerous leadership positions, serving as Director of Mobility, Director of Corporate Strategy, Controller of Global and U.S. Marketing and Sales, and Assistant Treasurer. He also served as the CFO and Treasurer of Ford Motor Credit.

Seneski was key in managing Ford’s credit operations, where he led a global finance and accounting team and oversaw numerous innovations in the funding space. Through best-in-class risk management, capital stress-testing, leverage, liquidity, and regulatory review, Seneski improved the capital strategy for one of the largest captive financial entities in the world. His leadership and financial experience will prove to be a valuable asset to Credibly which has already established a strong foothold in the alternative lending space.

In addition, Mr. Seneski serves on the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago – Detroit Branch, where he was Chairman in 2016-2017. He is also the Vice-President for the Broad School Alumni Board at Michigan State University.

About Credibly

Credibly is a Data Science-driven FinTech lending platform which improves the speed, cost, experience, and choice of capital to SMBs. The company provides a balance sheet, syndication, and off-balance sheet funding options, while offering its partners access to its robust data science capabilities.

Founded in 2010, Credibly has funded more than $600MM to over 16,000 SMBs, while maintaining a strong emphasis on risk management and a culture of compliance. In 2017 Credibly was successful in acquiring the servicing rights to another alternative lender’s $250MM portfolio. Credibly was selected because of its proven approach to measuring and managing risk.

Credibly headquarters are in Troy, Michigan, with offices in New York and Arizona. For more information, please visit

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