Kona Ice

  • Number of Restaurants: 594
  • Total Sales: $56,351,932
  • Average Annual Sales per Unit: $94,868
  • Estimated Average Cost to Open: $114,125 – $129,425

Shaved ice is a new, and innovative treat that more people are discovering during the summertime which is much different than the standard ice cream cone, sandwich, or sundae.  Kona Ice is the leading franchise in distributing that shaved ice out of their unique, and stylish trucks which feature a surfing penguin on them.  Kona Ice’s Flavorwave is something each customer loves to experience as they have ten different flavors to choose from when purchasing their shaved ice.     Producing shaved ice is an expensive procedure because it’s not chunks of ice, a slush, or smoothie, but almost a snowball of flavor that’s easy to eat, and will cool down any hot summer day.  To expense these tasty treats, it’s important to gain small business funding from Credibly.

  • As of 2015 there were 594 Kona Ice franchises in America
  • The total sales for Kona Ice franchises in America was $56,351,932 (calculated)
  • Average annual sales for a Kona Ice location is $94,868 (calculated)
  • The estimated average cost of opening a Kona Ice franchise is $114,125 – $129,425 (initial investment)

Credibly For Your Restaurant

Kona Ice trucks can cost you, and other owners bundles of money.  The gas, oil, and general maintenance that needs to be put into each one can start to pile up, and Credibly can save you from the anxiety that comes along with it as well because with $250,000, you can keep each truck running superbly with those Flavorwave machines running all day.       Spread the awareness of how great flavored ice is with your Kona Ice franchise, and your customers will definitely tell their friends all about it.  It’s so easy to keep your truck running for many more years by prequalifying online for working capital today!

Credibly Franchise Financing Index

The Credibly Franchise Restaurant Ranking Index is a scoring system that ranks the overall sustainability and cost of owning & operating various brands of restaurant franchises. Several factors are included when calculating the Index score, such as cost of opening the restaurant, the cost of supplies and operations, and more.

The Credibly Business Index score given to Kona Ice franchises is 41 out of a possible 100. This score is generated from data derived from studies and insights compiled by food industry publications, internal yearly reports, information from industry figures, and more. This Business Loan and Revenue Index is intended for informational purposes only, and may not be applicable to, or predictive of, your particular circumstances.

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