Miami Gardens

  • Number of Businesses: 1,134
  • Number of Small Business Advances: 196
  • Yearly Small Business Revenue: $4,354,142
  • Two-Year Survival Rate: 33%

Recently incorporated as a city in 2003 Miami Gardens is the largest city in Florida that has a majority African-American population which keeps it well cultured. Due to its location, Miami Gardens attractions many tourists annually, and the average age of citizens is 35 which keeps the spirit of the city young and vibrant. There is an annual Martin Luther King Jr. Festival that commemorates the activist leader with poetry, and art contests dedicated to the doctor. In addition, Miami Gardens is home to numerous small businesses that residents and tourists of all ages love to check out.

  • Miami Gardens is home to 1,134 unique small businesses
  • Out of those, 196 took out small business loans
  • The yearly total small business revenue in Miami Gardens is $4,354,142 (as of 2007)
  • Roughly 67% of Miami Gardens small businesses will close within two years of opening

You might think a brand new city like Miami Gardens might have trouble adjusting to being incorporated as a city, but they’ve done it rather quickly as instant success has swarmed the area.  Your small business is more than likely part of the achievement that Miami Gardens has brought over the past decade or so, but that success might not last forever if you keep going to the bank for your small business loan needs.  Instead, you should check out Credibly which is an alternative lending company that has helped out hundreds of small businesses like yours all over the country already.

Credibly in Miami Gardens

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The Credibly Business Index

The Credibly Business Index is a scoring system that ranks how sustainable a region is for small businesses. We consider several factors, such as number of businesses in the city, overall business revenue, and two-year business survival rates as reported by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The Credibly Business Index score given to Miami Gardens is 37 out of a possible 100. This score is generated from data derived from the U.S. Small Business Administration and the United States Census Bureau as of July, 2015, and is subject to change. This Business Loan and Revenue Index is intended for informational purposes only, and may not be applicable to, or predictive of, your particular circumstances.

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