• Number of Businesses: 2,812
  • Number of Small Business Advances: 781
  • Yearly Small Business Revenue: $10,210,798
  • Two-Year Survival Rate: 75%

Home to over 14,000 students is North Dakota State University located in Fargo. Fargo’s economy is growing everyday with a history in agriculture, but today it’s dependent upon food processing, retail trade, technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. Accounting for 16 percent of the total state population, Fargo is home to many museums like the Fargo Air Museum and Plains Art Museum. With around 75 percent of small business succeeding in the area, it’d be foolish to ignore the fact of opening up a company in Fargo. Just be sure to go somewhere else besides the banks for your business loan.

  • Fargo is home to 2,812 unique small businesses
  • Out of those, 781 took out small business loans
  • The yearly total small business revenue in Fargo is $10,210,798 (as of 2007)
  • Roughly 25% of Fargo small businesses will close within two years of opening

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Credibly in Fargo

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The Credibly Business Index

The Credibly Business Index is a scoring system that ranks how sustainable a region is for small businesses. We consider several factors, such as number of businesses in the city, overall business revenue, and two-year business survival rates as reported by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The Credibly Business Index score given to Fargo is 57 out of a possible 100. This score is generated from data derived from the U.S. Small Business Administration and the United States Census Bureau as of July, 2015, and is subject to change. This Business Loan and Revenue Index is intended for informational purposes only, and may not be applicable to, or predictive of, your particular circumstances.

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