Working Capital for Physicians: Why Merchant Cash Advances Are a Smart Solution


Jeffrey Bumbales

There aren’t a lot of options out there when it comes to working capital for physicians who work in their own practice.  A medical practice, like any small to mid-size business, can have its fair share of financial struggles, but there are options out there.

Merchant cash advances and short-term working capital loans, provide immediate access to capital and are perhaps the most flexible options on the market.  This type of working capital can be used for anything that the business needs, including new medical equipment, upgraded computer systems or repairs to your building.

Working Capital for Physicians:  Merchant Cash Advances and Working Capital Loans

As a busy physician, you don’t have the time to fill out endless piles of paperwork or financing and you may not have the perfect credit score that most banks now require for small business loans.  Luckily, there are alternatives to a traditional bank loan, which are often a better fit for your unique need. Working capital solutions for physicians are easy to apply for online, and the majority of applications are approved.

Putting Working Capital For Physicians Into Use

Merchant cash advances and Credibly working capital loans are extremely flexible and do not heavily restrict what the financing can be used for. This allows you to make your biggest dreams for your medical practice come true.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to purchase a special piece of equipment, or maybe are interested in adding specialty services. Regardless, alternative financing options can provide you with the speed to market, flexibility, and terms to satisfy the advance.

Credibly offers all types of capital for physicians, but specializes in short-term financing and working capital. To see how much financing your business qualifies for, fill out our online pre-qualification form or call one of our consultants at (888) 991-3954.