Why RetailCapital is Now Credibly, and What it Means


Minyang Jiang

I wasn’t looking for a new job three months ago, when I received an email out of the blue saying something about a “large inbound marketing project for a Fintech growth company in stealth mode.” My first thought was, “what the heck is ‘Fintech,’ and why is it so stealthy?”

It turns out Fintech stands for financial technology (thanks, Wikipedia), and RetailCapital was in stealth mode because they had just decided to rebrand, and were essentially operating the New York office like a startup. It was so stealthy in fact, that when the former CMO, Evan Kramer, and I finally connected on the phone, he wouldn’t even tell me the “super cool” new name they had picked.

A bit traumatized by past company culture experiences, I had my guard up and wasn’t looking for free snacks, wall graffiti, a casual dress code and open concept layout (though there it was!). What I wanted to hear was the “why” of the brand, as Simon Sinek would say. Any company can tell you what they do and how they do it, but very few are good at articulating why they get out of bed every morning.

When I sat down for my final interview with the CEO, Ryan Rosett, I found out the why of what has always been in the fabric of RetailCapital, but today is publicly embodied in the name “Credibly.”

Ryan explained that he’s always believed that every business deserves the right to capital. But sometimes due to life’s circumstances and the bureaucracy of traditional banks, lending can be hard to come by, more money than a business owner really needs, or just a downright long and demoralizing experience to go through.

“But why change the name?” I asked. While RetailCapital started primarily as a provider to retailers, we now provide funding to thousands of businesses across all 50 states, including restaurants, medical offices, construction, automotive, franchises, home services, resort properties, and more.

Ryan went on to explain that Credibly was to be defined by “3 Pillars:”

Right-Sized Capital

Right-sized capital is all about understanding the individual needs of each customer. Most don’t want to stretch themselves too thin by taking on more debt than they can handle. They just have a very specific use in mind — like buying a new piece of equipment, or taking advantage of a great inventory deal that might not be available a week from today. Our customer success team takes a consultative approach in helping small business owners find the right-sized product for their current needs.

Grow, Don’t Just Owe

I heard a great quote at the U.S. Chamber Small Business Summit last week. A panel moderator asked the owner of an online retail store, “why do you love being a small business owner?” She enthusiastically replied, “because there’s an opportunity to be a big business owner one day!”

This is the spirit of Grow, Don’t Just Owe. Some of our customers come to us for a small-scale Working Capital Loan. A year or two later, they may have grown out of it and they’re ready to move on to a Business Expansion Loan. We want to be there every step of the way, offering those right-sized products that meet our customers at any stage of their growth.

The Credibly Experience

You hear a lot of hype these days about customer experience or “CX”, but I wouldn’t have taken this job if I didn’t believe Credibly is the real deal. When I traveled out to the Troy, MI office last month to meet the majority of our employees, I could see that they truly empathized with every application that crossed their desks. Most of us at Credibly have an entrepreneurial spirit and side businesses ourselves, and we’re rooting for you.

And we hate the same things about financial companies that you do: hidden fees, people that don’t call you back, and those automated voice systems that keep you in a loop away from real people. The Credibly Experience is the antithesis of that.


CEO Ryan Rosett explains the 3 Pillars best, so I’ll sign off and let you see for yourself in the following video. By the way, I hope you’ll stop by in.credibly where you can learn innovative ways to evaluate, source and use your working capital!