What Do Top Small Business Loan Companies Have in Common?


Jeffrey Bumbales

No matter your industry, ample investment capital is needed at all stages of company growth. Expanding your inventory, hiring the best staff, tending to store repairs, and launching a successful marketing campaign are all contingent on the financing available to you. When researching loan options on the web, you’re inundated with hundreds of different options, and finding the ideal loan option can seem exhausting. It’s important to know what to look for in a loan agency to ensure you qualify for the best terms available.

Traits of Top Small Business Loan Companies

Prior to applying for a loan, create a checklist to help you eliminate undesirable lending options. Here are some traits to look for when choosing the best small business loan companies.

1. Great consumer reports

The first step in identifying a quality loan agency is analyzing consumer reports. Reading through reports from previous applicants can help you gain a deeper knowledge of the practices and principles of the company. Consumer reviews will enable you to see whether the company behaves in an ethical manner, whether they remain in good rapport with their applicants, and whether applicants found the process to be smooth and effective.

2. Low interest rates

One of the primary considerations of many small businesses is the interest rate the company offers. While interest rates are often contingent on your own eligibility, it’s important to compare and contrast proposed interest rates of a variety of lenders to ensure you’re getting the lowest rate possible. Interest rates vary dramatically, and high interest can considerably increase your business’s overhead costs.

3. Fixed interest rates

Top quality loan companies are known for providing applicants with fixed interest rates, rather than offering floating interest rates that fluctuate over time. A fixed interest rate will enable you to plan accordingly, so you don’t become bound to a repayment plan and have your interest rates suddenly rise. Additionally, avoid loan companies that have compounding interest, as this can considerably increase the money owed over time.

4. Flexible repayment terms

While some loan agencies offer fixed repayment terms, where you pay a set amount monthly until the loan is repaid, higher end loan agencies offer revenue-based loan repayment, where there is no allotted timeline for repayment. Rather, you repay the loan based on a fixed percentage of your business’s monthly revenue. This considerably decreases the chances of loan default and makes repaying the loan efficient and painless.

5. Lenient qualification requirements:

One of the biggest deterring factors in applying for a loan is the demanding qualification requirements many lenders have. Fortunately, some loan agencies are dedicated to catering to people with poor or nonexistent credit, little or no collateral, and new entrepreneurs. For first-time business owners, seeking agencies with lenient eligibility requirements can help you secure capital, while continuing to build your business credit.

Applying for a loan can seem stressful and encumbering. However, by exercising a bit of foresight, you can find a high quality loan company that will cater to your specific needs. When searching for the loan company that is right for your business, be sure to seek an agency that offers reasonable interest rates, flexible repayment terms, fixed interest, and excellent consumer reports. For modern business funding solutions, contact Credibly.