Small Business Funding Needs for Those in Retail


Jeffrey Bumbales

Many potential rewards attract aspiring business owners to the retail industry each day. Over 24 million people make their living in the retail business these days, and you can, too, if you put in the right amount of research to make an optimized business plan.

Despite the fact that retail stores are facing unique challenges in the age of Amazon and other online mega-stores, you can stay competitive as long as you address the following needs and issues that may occur along the way.

Always Have What Your Customers Want

One advantage that retail stores will always have over internet shops is immediacy. Your customers value the ability to walk into your store and walk out with exactly what they need.

If they come to your store and find that you are sold out of the exact item that they want, it’s likely that they may not trust your store for their immediate needs again. So, it’s important to keep your store well-stocked. This ensures that you will never ‘run out’ of things your customers want and need.

Unfortunately, investing in a surplus of stock that may not sell for some time can be costly and not in your budgeting plans. In fact, it can be hard for small businesses to cover the short-term cash-flow needs to make sure that stock is plentiful and current.

That’s where a working capital loan or cash advance can help. Additional financing can help you keep your store stocked while providing repayment terms you can afford (even for the most seasonal businesses).

Create the Right Atmosphere

Another thing that retail stores have going for them is that they create a haven for potential customers. You may not remember what it felt like to surf to an online boutique to pick out a book, but you are likely to remember how fun it was to walk into a beautiful store that was clean with great lighting and nice music playing.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere for your customers is incredibly important. It can entice people to go out of their way to come to your store and spend more time there, which often results in increased sales.

Working capital loans and larger loans with lower interest rates are great for this purpose. Whether you plan to finance the entire project or simply want some extra cushion in case cashflows to dwindle, securing financing can help ensure the project is completed successfully.

Ensure That Your Store is Safe

As a business owner, your first concern should be maximizing the safety of all your customers and employees while they are in your store. This means that you need to be certain that your safety standards exceed what’s required by law.

Make sure that the floors aren’t made of slippery materials. Leave signs to indicate when the floor may be wet or when patrons should watch their step, such as on steps or staircases. Handrails should be installed in appropriate locations and good lighting should be provided inside and outside the establishment. Enforce safety rules within your store.

Sometimes you need to make repairs that can be costly, but they are non-negotiable for the well-being of those in the store. That’s when short-term small business funding is necessary.

Funding the Needs of Your Retail Business

When it comes to funding the many things that you may want to do to improve your retail store, an ideal small business funding option is a working capital loan. Credibly provides access to short-term loans that will allow you to stock what your customers want, create the perfect look and feel for your store, keep customers and workers safe, and much more.

By covering your short-term need for cash, Credibly helps you accomplish what needs to be done without waiting for a lengthy loan application process or suffering the frustration of asking for help from family and friends.

It’s easy to apply for short-term loans, and there’s a fast turnaround time, which means you’ll usually wait no longer than two days for your money. It helps take the worry out of figuring out your short-term finances, and you can trust Credibly to get the money in your business bank account when you need it.