Cutting Edge Loans for Beauty Salons


Minyang Jiang

Beauty salons provide a phenomenal entrepreneurial pursuit that enable beauticians to apply their artistic skill, while building a reliable business with ample growth potential. Beautician work is one of the few career paths that rarely suffer amid economic recessions, making it an ideal investment choice for savvy entrepreneurs. In order to make your beauty salon stand out from others on the block, generous startup capital is critical. The right small business funding will allow you to launch a chic and enticing salon that provides a sophisticated ambiance for clients.


Crowdfunding is a new and highly effective method of raising startup capital. Through CrowdFunding, you pitch your business proposal to millions of users on Internet-based platforms, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. People peruse the site in search of business ideas that resonate with them and invest in the businesses of their choice. The capital is raised through pre-selling your products or services, enabling investors to gain privileged access to the product the moment it’s released.

This creates a mutually beneficial service that guarantees businesses the startup funds they need, while providing investors first access to the product. Beauty salons can either offer beauty products or pre-book appointments as compensation to investors. CrowdFunding not only helps to establish startup capital, but it enables you to pre-market your business so that by the time you launch, you’ve already gained the attention of a wide network of consumers. Additionally, the investments are interest-free, creating a cost-effective alternative to traditional loan options.

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans provide rapid money options for businesses. Average approval time of applications is around 48 hours, enabling you to get the funds you need right away. They typically come with short-term payment plans, which allow you to pay the money back quickly without accruing years of debt. Working capital loans are generally issued for smaller financing needs and can help to fill cash-flow gaps as needed.


Micro-loans are small loans that are generally offered through non-profit or government-backed organizations. These organizations seek to strengthen the economy and reduce unemployment by encouraging entrepreneurial pursuits among all demographics. As such, these loans are easily attainable by new business owners who lack business credit. Micro-financing agencies engage in a higher level of risk by investing in new entrepreneurs, and they issue their loans at high interest rates to compensate. Even so, this provides a viable option to budding beauty salons.

In order to appeal to consumers, successful beauticians need to maintain trendy, fashionable, and cutting-edge stores that will attract clientele from all walks of life. Loans for beauty salons are critical to meeting consumer demands and remaining ahead of competition. With innovative loan options, like CrowdFunding and microloans, you can rapidly accumulate the money needed to launch your new business. For all your working capital needs, contact Credibly.