Hardware Store Merchant Cash Advance: How to Keep Your Doors Open All Year Long


Jeffrey Bumbales

Hardware store owners have some unique challenges compared to other kinds of retail brick and mortar stores, as they tend to be a more seasonal type business.  Homeowners and construction workers buy fewer supplies during the colder weather months, which can temporarily affect your cash flow.  A hardware store merchant cash advance, which is not a loan, can keep you from singing the seasonal business blues this year.

Change Up Your Tune

A hardware store merchant cash advance can help you get through those times of the year when business may be slower than usual.  Instead of having to reduce your hours or have limited inventory on hand to save money, you can have access to cash that allows you to still take care of your obligations.  Merchant cash advances are designed for hardware stores that have been open for at least six months and that accept credit card transactions from customers.  It’s an easy, fast cash option for hardware stores that will have you singing a new tune this year.

Time to Let Loose

Having access to business capital in the form of a hardware store merchant cash advance gives you the freedom to focus on what matters – your business.  Instead of worrying about how to pay a bill or how to pay for a new inventory delivery, you can rest easy with a reliable source of financial capital that will keep your hardware store operating smoothly every day.