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How to Get Emergency Loans for Your Business


Jeffrey Bumbales

Get the Emergency Funds You Need For Your Business — Fast

It can happen to the best of us in business.

Maybe you underestimated the budget for a certain project, lost a big client, or the courier service didn’t deliver your materials on time that were needed to produce products to stock your shelves. Perhaps you used all of your free cash during the busy holiday period, or are still waiting for delayed customer payments that are hurting your cash flow.

No matter what the case may be, having access to emergency loans can provide you with the short-term relief you really need.

Credibly understands these situations, and offers a number of alternative financing options to help get you the money you need for your business right away.

Short-Term Business Loan

For business owners who need to quickly handle obstacles that may come their way or take advantage of opportunities, short-term business loans can be a very helpful tool. Obtaining a short-term loan is often a better option than a traditional loan with multi-year repayment. Approval rates tend to be much higher, and funds are deposited into your account much quicker.

Automatic payments can be set up to pay down your short-term small business loan principal on a regular basis, instead of having to make one large payment at the end of the month when other bills are flooding in.

Business Cash Advance

A business cash advance works by converting your credit card receivables into the cash you need right away. This helpful funding solution makes repayment easy: A percentage of your future credit card sales are automatically debited on an ongoing basis until your loan is paid back in full.

You’ll benefit from smaller payments when business is slow, since these payments are based on a fixed percentage. The application process is simple, no credit check is necessary, and funds can be received in as little as 48 hours. You are then free to use the funds for any emergency business purpose.

Business Line of Credit

If you already have a business line of credit, you can tap into this resource whenever the need arises. If you don’t, you can get approved for one in as little as 48 hours after application approval.

A business line of credit is a valuable tool to help you with day-to-day operating costs, as well as last minute urgent expenditures. You’ll have convenient access to this account online or via check. With a business line of credit, you only make payments on the amount of money that you’ve actually borrowed; if your balance is zero, then your payment is zero.

You can use your line of credit multiple times, for a number of purposes. You can take money out as many times as you need to, and are only charged interest on the amount still owing. Pay back your outstanding loan whenever you can, and keep coming back for more as the need arises! This really is a fantastic solution for emergency loans.

Applying for Emergency Loans

Looking for an emergency loan for your business? Credibly can provide you with the financing you need to get you out of a bind. We can put payment terms in place that will make it easy for you to pay us back over time, or when that large receivable finally comes in. Prequalify now to find out how much capital your business can access.

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