7 Ways Your Business Can Use a Merchant Cash Advance


Jeffrey Bumbales

Small businesses help drive the US economy and are responsible for the employment of millions of Americans. But maintaining the health and driving the growth of small businesses can be tough without the necessary funds to make it happen.

Many business owners often struggle to come up with the liquid cash they need to keep business going, and often look to lenders to loan them the cash they need. But many can’t live up to the strict criteria and credit requirements that traditional lenders demand, leaving them out in the cold.

Luckily, there’s another way.

Merchant Cash Advances – Keeping Small Businesses Going Strong

A merchant cash advance can be exactly what your small business needs when you’re in a temporary financial rut. It’s exploded in popularity lately, mainly because approval is easy, and access to cash is fast.

This type of alternative financing option involves a lump sum cash payment that’s given to the business owner in exchange for a certain amount of future credit or debit card payments. If your sales are strong most of the time, this could be the perfect funding option for your business.

At the end of each month, a certain percentage of your credit or debit card sales is garnished to gradually satisfy the advance. Each month, this percentage of your sales is garnished until the entire amount is satisfied. So essentially, you’re really not borrowing anything at all – you’re simply exchanging a portion of your sales for the lump sum of money you need.

There are no late fees involved, and no collateral required. Just apply, get approved, and get the cash you need to meet all sorts of financial obligations, like the following . . .

1. Meeting Payroll Obligations

To keep valuable staff on hand, you’ve got to pay them on time and in full. But sometimes cash can run a little short, whether your customers didn’t pay you for your products or services on time, or you’ve had to tap into your reserves to pay for unexpected expenses. If you find yourself in a crunch to meet payroll requirements, a merchant cash advance can be a real life-saver.

Losing skilled labor will harm the growth of your business, so you want to make sure you don’t lose any of your valued employees simply because you couldn’t keep up with the pay-checks. A quick business cash advance can be the perfect short-term solution to this issue until your cash starts flowing properly again.

2. Paying Suppliers

If you’re in a position where you owe suppliers money for the merchandise they have supplied you with, but are waiting on a payment from a big order, getting some help in the form of a business cash advance can certainly prove beneficial.

Quick access to these funds can help you continue to run your business smoothly and smoothly sail through growth spurts without having to stress out waiting for big payments to come in to cover these types of costs.

3. Jumping on an Opportunity

When opportunity knocks, oftentimes you need to jump on it before it passes. But many times such opportunities require money up-front. Perhaps you’ve been given an offer to buy wholesale products at a fraction of the regular cost, or have been offered a special marketing opportunity.

Each of these requires capital, and if you haven’t got it, the opportunity could slip through the cracks. By accessing funds quickly through a merchant cash advance, you can capitalize on these scenarios to help strengthen and grow your business.

4. Building Inventory

Businesses constantly need to have a steady availability of inventory to be able to supply their customers. Many times keeping your shelves stocked with inventory requires up-front payment. If you haven’t got the lump sum of money handy to cover these expenses, you can always gain quick access to funds via a merchant cash advance to easily make these payments.

5. Covering Unexpected Expenses

Life can throw curveballs sometimes, and often we are unprepared to deal with them financially. When it comes to business, you may experience the occasional unexpected expense. Maybe you were the victim of a burglary, and much of your inventory was stolen. Or perhaps your establishment experienced a fire or flood damage.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to pay for these expenses. And if you can’t cover them on your own, a merchant cash advance can.

6. Paying for Marketing and Promotions

When it comes to running a business, a little marketing can go a long way. You could have the best products or services on the market, but if no one knows about them, business will suffer. Unfortunately, marketing and promotions cost money. If you haven’t got liquid cash handy to cover these expenses, funding from a business cash advance can be the ticket.

7. Expanding Your Business

If your business has been experiencing tremendous growth and success, it might be time to expand. Perhaps you need more space and need to renovate and enlarge the place you’re already in. Or perhaps you are looking to relocate to another unit that offers a lot more space and exposure to future clients.

In either case, money is needed. It would be a shame to keep a lid on your business’ potential growth simply because you don’t have the funds to expand. With a merchant cash advance, you can get that money right now to renovate, remodel, or relocate to expand your business and your bottom line.

Getting Started With a Merchant Cash Advance

With so many small businesses being turned down for traditional loans, entrepreneurs have become stranded without the working capital they need to cover expenses and grow their businesses. And if you’re one of these merchants, you understand the financial pinch this can put you in.

By working with Credibly, you can access the working capital you need to buy new equipment, expand your space, pay taxes and payroll, purchase new inventory, or deal with whatever situation you’re in that needs cash fast.

With a merchant cash advance from Credibly.com, you don’t have to worry about meeting stringent requirements that traditional big banks will typically ask you for. Our program is simple: approval is fast and easy; no hard credit checks or collateral required. To get started, submit our online pre-qualification form.