Cash Advance Now: Get Advance Business Capital to Grow Your Business


Minyang Jiang

Every business owner needs capital, but what if you have not created it yet? Wouldn’t it be ideal if lenders somehow allowed you access to a portion of your future sales revenue to use today? That funding solution exists and it is called Advance Business Capital.

This method of funding is not a loan. It is getting the money you need now, by tapping into the money you will make in the future.

Why look into Advance Business Capital?

Looking to your personal savings to fund your business is not a viable solution for most people. Small business loans are difficult to obtain and lock you into a set monthly payment. It is time to imagine just where your business could go, and how much it could grow if you utilized this funding solution.

Today’s business owners and entrepreneurs are savvy when it comes to finding ways to fund their dreams and take their business into the future. Many are turning to alternative lenders for a more innovative approach to business funding because the traditional methods are no longer small business friendly.

According to, one of the biggest struggles that small business owners face today is trying to meet the new stringent loan qualifications set by banks.

The bank’s application process:

  • Is lengthy and time-consuming
  • Closely examines your credit history and rejects borrowers with less than perfect credit
  • May require collateral
  • Requires a very detailed business plan to be presented

After jumping through the bank’s hoops, which can take several weeks, many small business owners find that they fall short of the bank’s requirements. Even if they are approved, the loan has fixed monthly payments that do not adjust during slow sales periods or seasonal lags. That is why many are turning to a more agile financing solution by accessing advance business capital through a Merchant Cash Advance.

Will my business qualify for advance business capital?

When accessing alternative funding through a Merchant Cash Advance, you are not judged by your credit score or how long you have been in business. You will not be asked to provide a lengthy, detailed business plan, collateral, or be required to wait for weeks for an approval.

You are qualified for the money you need based upon the overall health of your business. Your monthly payments are based upon a small, set percentage of your business’s daily credit card processing receipts. This means that your payments are cash-flow friendly because, rather than being locked into a large monthly payment, they ebb and flow based upon the sales volume of your business.

What types of businesses qualify?

The best candidates for a merchant cash advance are businesses with a strong base of credit card sales. According to Business News Daily, this includes restaurants and any service related business as well as retail merchants, but the advantages are not limited to those types of businesses.

What can Advance Business Capital be used for?

  • Day to Day Operations: Things like new product development, advertisement, additional employees, and marketing, just to name a few possibilities.
  • Business Assets and Tools: Increases to your inventory to support customer demand, or purchasing a company vehicle, new computers, tools or equipment that will help increase sales and overall production.
  • Expansion and Location Improvements: Expand your space, find a second location, or perhaps relocate your business to increase sales opportunities.

What is the application process?

You can pre-qualify online by filling out a short application and send a few bank statements. That is all you need to get your approval, which is typically decided within two days. According to, studies now show that 75 percent of funding sought by relatively new business owners comes from alternative sources such as a Merchant Cash Advance.

Get a business cash advance now and take advantage of simple repayment terms. If you are seeking a way to expand or grow your business, advance business capital is a solution that is fast, easy to obtain, and offers a repayment plan that adapts to the sales volume and success of your business. Pre-qualify Now!