Expand Your Business Year With Cash Advance Loans Online


Jeffrey Bumbales

As a business owner, you are always on the lookout for ways to fund growth and expand your business. Perhaps you have encountered difficulty in obtaining approval for funding, but are still certain that expansion is the key to your business success, now and in the future. You need options.

What if financing that business expansion is actually easier than you think? There are several easy small business capital options that take the stress out of business financing and can secure your business growth starting today.

Why Expand The Business?

It is more than just a dream. Expanding your business is a solid plan for future growth and success. In today’s business environment, one of the best ways to keep your businesses relevant and profitable it to keep growth steady, offer more to customers and keep up with any changing demands for services.

According to entrepreneur.com, the most basic reason to expand your business is your customers. Basically, to be successful now and in the future, you must adapt your business’s offerings to fit your customers’ changing needs.

What is Required For Your Business to Grow?

Think about all that is required for you to be able to expand your business. It differs from business to business, depending on the types of services or products you offer. A few things to consider include:

  • Expanding may require purchasing new equipment or increasing your selection and variety of inventory to offer more products or services to a larger demographic of customers.
  • Expanded hours and more employees are needed to meet growing demands. Customer convenience and the quality and speed of service that they receive are all vital for your business growth. Your customer’s experience, and how they speak about it, often is your best form of advertising and method to generate new customers.
  • A new or additional location, whether it has better access for current customers or will tap into a new market for potential customers, can be vital to your business growth plans. Essentially, a new location can be the key to reaching more customers and fueling your business’s sales and growth now and in the future.

Financing Solutions to Fund Your Expansion

Since the economic downturn if 2008, small businesses are no longer the focus of attention for some lenders. According to Forbes.com, most business owners don’t meet the tough lending criteria for traditional loans and those that have less than stellar credit scores are being forced to seek funding outside of the bank. Cash advance loans online offer an easy business finance option.

The good news is that a new market of lending solutions has been created to meet this demand.

Merchant Cash Advances

Unlike the requirements of time and collateral that the bank seeks, a Merchant Cash Advance answers to the entrepreneurial spirit of business owners anxious to put expansion plans into action.

A Merchant Cash Advance is an unsecured funding option that is based upon the volume of sales and the overall health of your business. Approval of your application for this type of advance is not determined by your credit score, the age of your business, or the minutia of your detailed business plan, but rather, approval is based on the business you have created.

This method of funding allows you to tap into tomorrow’s sales today. The money advanced to fund your expansion is paid back based upon a small, set percentage of your business’s daily credit card processing receipts. This means payments are not a set amount but are based on the sales volume of your business each month. So, as sales ebb and flow, your payment adjusts to match that ability to pay.

The decision for your merchant cash advance is fast and easy. Typically it is made within two business days.

Short-Term Expansion and Working Capital Loans

Unlike traditional loans from a bank, alternative lenders are able to provide financing that is structured more like a traditional loan but without the lengthy application and approval process. Instead of waiting months and months to find out if you’ll receive the financing you need, you receive an answer and the funds in only a few days.

Although the interest rates are slightly higher, the immediacy makes these financing options a great solution. Opportunity waits for no man, so when you want to grow your business, you need immediate access to capital.

Working capital loans and business expansion loans can help you finance new projects, open new locations, hire additional staff, or scale your inventory, and at the most critical time (now).

Lines of Credit

With a Business Line of Credit, a lender lets you borrow money up to a specified amount, almost like a credit card, but you do so with better interest rates. With this method of funding you only borrow exactly what you need and your interest is based on what you borrowed, not the full line of credit available to you. A Business Line of Credit is typically unsecured by any collateral and does not offer long repayment timeframes.

Credit Cards

According to entrepreneur.com, credit cards are used by some business owners to fund expansion, but they typically hit the borrower with a much higher interest rate than most other funding options. Though they are an easy option to access and use, you will be paying more over time because of the interest.

Equipment Loans and Leases

If all you need to expand the business is more equipment and tools for production, this option offers cash strictly for purchasing or leasing machinery and office equipment. It allows your business to spread out payments on all the equipment you need and can be easier to obtain regardless of your credit score because the equipment itself serves as collateral.

Angel Investors

The term ‘angel investors’ refers to people who are looking to invest in an expanding business opportunity. Find an investor to fund your expansion and you may avoid those fixed monthly payments associated with a loan. Instead, investors typically receive a sizable chunk of your future revenue as a return on their investment, which can amount to as much as 25 percent of your future profits.

Start Expanding Your Business

If you are seeking a way to expand your business, there are options available that are fast, easy to obtain, and offer a repayment plan that adapts to the sales volume and success of your business. Credibly offers loan alternatives, the ideal funding solutions for business expansion.

To get started, fill out our prequalification request form. Submitting is free and easy and will not negatively impact your credit score.