Affordable Merchant Cash Advance Fee Solutions


Jeffrey Bumbales

Opportunities are wonderful, but only when you can capitalize on them. That’s why alternative small business funding options exist – to help you take advantage of every opportunity to grow your business and make it better.

Growing your business can be the difference between success and major disappointment. But you have options, and those options can make your business grow like never before. Here are just a few ways that you could use a merchant cash advance to make your business stronger, better, and more likely to succeed:

Buy Advanced Technology or Equipment

That computer in the office won’t last forever. And if it’s like most others, you’ll get the “blue screen of death” at the most inconvenient time possible – 5 minutes before backing up all of your files. When you see a great deal on a new one, there’s no reason to let it slip by just because you don’t have the ready cash.

With a merchant cash advance you don’t have to keep fussing with an outdated computer or do without any other business-building tools or technology for that matter. And unlike a traditional loan, which as Entrepreneur explains, you’d need great credit to secure, you can get what you need when you need it.

Attend an Important Conference

Many industries have professional organizations. And most professional organizations have conferences. The main problem with attending a conference is that they’re rarely in the city where you live, and the travel, registration fee, and lodging are rarely cheap.

A merchant cash advance can help you stay in the loop. When you network with others and learn about new trends and technology, you’ll have more tools to build your business. So really, this modern funding solution is a tool that you can use to access more tools to make your business grow.

Keep the Shelves Stocked

You can’t stay in business if you have nothing to offer. If your business is sales, bare shelves are the opposite of attractive. Making a big order, especially before a busy season, can help you attract more customers. But without the resources to make the order, all of those sales will pass you by. Rather than stress over paperwork or a cash advance fee, you can focus on important things. This is a quick and easy way to get the cash needed so you can order the stock you need.

Traditional lending isn’t always favorable to fledgling businesses, according to Shindy Chen for the Huffington Post Small Business Blog. But because it’s your sales, not the length of time in business, that makes a difference with this funding option, you won’t have to miss the chance to stock up.

Hire More Employees

When your business grows, you might need more employees to keep up with the demand. But if you don’t have the cash to meet the initial payroll, taking on more staff might be impossible. A merchant cash advance lets you bring in more workers, either permanently or for a rush, without worrying whether you’ll have the cash to pay them by the time the first pay period rolls around.

A business cash advance can put you in control, you decide when and how to use the funds. Instead of working ridiculous hours on little sleep and trying to do it all yourself, you can choose to hire new employees. And you can make those hires stress free, and in one or two weeks when they expect a payday, you can provide it. And it’s all because you took a few minutes to plan ahead.

There are few things as frustrating as an opportunity that you just can’t cash in on. So instead of wishing that you had the means, take action to get the means in just a few simple steps.

The application for a merchant cash advance is quick and easy, and an approval can come in as little as a day. And because it’s based on your regular credit card sales, not your credit score, there’s little standing between you and the cash you need.

If you’re seeking for additional capital for your business, Credibly can help. Just fill out our simple, online prequalification request form to get started. Submitting is free and easy and will not negatively impact your credit score.