Online Business Loan Funding Solutions: Merchant Cash Advance


Jeffrey Bumbales

For many small businesses, getting approved for a conventional loan at the bank is nearly impossible. With the stringent criteria that banks typically require, many small business owners will find themselves being rejected for a loan they desperately need.

So what’s a small business owner to do? Luckily, there are plenty of alternative loan options available to help meet the cash requirements needed to cover a variety of business-related expenses.

How Small Business Financing Can Help

There are a variety of reasons why extra cash may be needed in business:

    • Buying equipment – Every business needs a certain amount of equipment to operate. Whether you’re a graphic designer in need of a new computer and software or a construction company in need of new tools, money will be necessary to stock up on such equipment.
    • Stocking up on inventory – You should always have a certain amount of inventory on the shelves or in your warehouse in order to be able to keep up with the demands of your clients. It’s not good for business if you make the sale, but don’t have the goods to show for it.
    • Covering payroll – Perhaps you’re in a low season with your business, causing cash flow to slow down temporarily. The thing is, you still need to pay your employees. Without the help of your staff, business can suffer, and you definitely don’t want to lose good help. Business funding options can help you cover these payroll costs until business starts picking up again.
    • Taking advantage of a sudden opportunity – What if a supplier offers you a heavy discount on inventory? What if you’re given an opportunity to move into a larger unit at the same lease price as you’re paying now? But what if you don’t have enough money on hand to capitalize on these opportunities? A quick funding solution can give you just enough cash needed to take advantage of these opportunities.
    • Expanding your business – If you’ve reached a level of success that warrants more space, you may need to either renovate and expand or find a bigger place. But this costs money. If you haven’t got the money needed for such expansion, small business loan options can be the ticket.


Find Out What Funding Solutions Are Available to You With the Help of Credibly

At Credibly, we understand the financial challenges that small businesses face from time to time. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into helping business owners access the cash they need when they need it. We provide merchant cash advances, working capital loans, and business expansion loans to ensure that we have at least one financing option that is a great fit for your business.

To see how much working capital you qualify for, fill out our online prequalification request form. Submitting is free and easy and will not negatively impact your credit score.