3 Reasons Small Business Owners Choose Approved Cash Advance Solutions


Jeffrey Bumbales

A merchant approved cash advance provides the money that your business needs to make it through a difficult period. According to a study by Forbes, 80 percent of all new businesses go belly up within the first 18 months. With help from Credibly, your business has a better chance of being in the 20 percent.

If you’re not really sure how Credibly can help, think about these 3 reasons why so many small business owners choose a merchant cash advance funding solution:

You Can’t Always Predict an Emergency

Although there may be warning signs for some trends and events, as the Houston Chronicle’s “Chron.com” suggests, not every emergency comes with a warning light. You know when taxes are due, and you can see stock beginning to dwindle. But those aren’t the only emergencies that can affect your business.

Mother Nature is notorious for swooping in to disrupt business. If a storm shuts off the electricity for several days, there are several days without any income. And what if you fall ill with the flu? If there’s nobody else to open the storefront, closed doors mean no customers. A merchant approved cash advance can step in when the cashflow situation is out of your hands.

Finding Cash Isn’t Always Simple

Some business funding that’s recommended time and again isn’t available to everyone. For example, Business News Daily lists SBA loans, product pre-sales, side businesses, and tapping family and friends as options. But what if you can’t qualify for an SBA loan, you have no product suitable for pre-sale, there aren’t enough hours in a day for a side business, and your friends and family don’t have the assets (or the desire) to help?

Not everyone has access to the standard recommended options for business funding. With a merchant cash advance, you can apply in a few minutes and have the money you need in a few days. You don’t have to worry about credit, and you’ll never have to think about spending an uncomfortable holiday with relatives who helped you get over a financial hump.

Alternative Financing is Being Rapidly

It’s not really new, but it is newly available to more business owners. Ty Kiisel for Forbes says that he believes “alternative lenders will have a big part to play in the future.” Part of that reason is an unstable economy.

Few have been spared the economic turmoil of the past several years. And although it’s getting better, there’s still quite a long way to go. Alternative sources for business financing have become more popular because of the demand for another option. A merchant cash advance is another option, and you repay it based on the income that your business generates. When credit card sales are high, you’ll pay back more. When credit card sales are low, your repayment automatically adjusts.

Every business has its ups and downs. The ups are great, but the downs can make even the most confident business owner with the best product or service more than a little nervous.

Credibly gives you the critical funds needed to buy stock, make payroll, and stay in business for the long haul. If your business could benefit from additional capital, fill out our prequalification form to see how much you qualify for.