Enjoy Continued Growth With Advance Business Capital Funding


Jeffrey Bumbales

Picture it. You’ve had a pretty steady month in sales, but you’re still waiting around for the invoices from credit card payments to be cleared. In the meantime, you’ve got payroll to cover, bills to pay, and equipment to purchase. This delay in getting your money from your credit card sales could leave you in the red if you don’t get some financial help fast.

You could go to the bank for a loan, but the criteria for loan approval is strict, and it would take you weeks to see any of that money even if you’re approved.

Instead, there are alternative options available to get you access to the fast cash you need to boost your working capital.

Whether you run a restaurant, a roofing company, a bakery or a printing firm, working capital is a must. But sometimes it comes up short.

With alternative funding options, you don’t have to worry about having great credit, or even having any collateral to back your loan up. You don’t even have to worry about long-winded application forms, or having to bite your nails waiting for approval. Instead, you can get yourself the fast cash you need within as little as 48 hours.

There are tons of scenarios that could warrant the need for some quick funds:

    • Expanding your business
    • Taking advantage of a fly-by-night opportunity
    • Paying employees
    • Buying equipment
    • Renovating your establishment
    • Stocking shelves with inventory
    • Marketing

All of these scenarios are crucial when running a business, but they all take money. And if that’s money you don’t have readily available, an advance business capital program could be the ticket.


An Advance Business Capital is Not a Loan

Contrary to what many may believe, a merchant cash advance is not a loan. Even though this program is designed to help with a business owner’s working capital, it doesn’t work the way a traditional loan does.

Instead, it’s simply an advancement against your future credit card sales. With advance business capital funding, the lender takes a percentage of your credits card sales – or ‘buys’ it.

There are no fixed payments like with a term loan. Instead, the amount you pay back will reflect on the amount of credit card sales you make each day. In this way, each payment amount will fluctuate, and will never leave you drained from your funds. The lender gets paid when you get paid.

This type of financing option is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that rely heavily on credit card sales, and need a little boost with their working capital. There are no checks to write, nor any late fees involved. And qualification for approval for an advance business capital funding program is easy. There’s minimal paperwork involved, and access to cash is typically made available after 48 hours from the application process.


Your Business Can Benefit From the Help of Credibly

At Credibly, we understand the financial challenges that small businesses just like yours can face from time to time. Just because you’re short a few dollars one month shouldn’t determine the fate of your business. Instead, a business cash advance can be exactly what you need to overcome these hurdles and keep the business growing. For all of your modern business funding solutions, contact Credibly today!