Five Metrics Any Small Business Should Pay Attention To

Business Metrics To Pay Attention To

Sales figures, inventory tracking, customer retention, ad performance — as a small business owner there are countless metrics and statistics you’re expected to track. While each measurement serves a unique business purpose, having too many metrics can be overwhelming. To avoid “paralysis by analysis,” you need to identify which metrics are the most important to […]

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How To Create A Rainy Day Fund For Your Small Business

Rainy Day Fund Small Business

It’s easy to forget how an unexpected event can threaten the financial stability of a small business. However, unavoidable life situations, along with their unpredictable expenses, don’t have to be catastrophic. Having a rainy day fund in the form of cash supplies, a line of credit, and access to other types of small business financing […]


Why Equipment Leasing Brokers Are Turning to Alternative Capital Providers

equipment leasing brokers

Equipment leasing brokers who work with alternative lenders can arrange equipment leases with a level of speed and flexibility that wasn’t possible before.

Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Is Best For Small Business?

With the 2016 U.S. presidential election around the corner, which candidate gives small businesses the best chance to thrive?


Thought Leader Series: 3 Ways New Businesses Can Save Money on Startup Costs

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur who helps small businesses and startups expand their reach online while also hitting their target audiences. Learn more about Zac at his blog.


Thought Leader Series: Hidden Costs of Running Your Business

Lorena Brockman is a blogger for JennsBlahBlahBlog.com and has notable know-how in blogging, travel, fashion, fitness, and food, and has been deemed “Greatest Auntie Ever” by many. To learn more about Lorena, visit her company’s blog at JennsBlahBlahBlog.com.


Thought Leader Series: 5 Pointers on Improving Your Business Credit Score

Kim Parr is a financial blogger and freelance writer. You can read more about her at Eyes on the Dollar. A business credit report is an objective measure of how well a company maintains and keeps up with its financial obligations. For small business owners, having a good credit score is imperative. From financing equip


How a Food Truck Can Transform Your Restaurant Business

Expanding your restaurant business can be very expensive. Buying a food truck is a simpler, cheaper way to expand, and it brings many hidden advantages.


Funding Small Business Growth: 5 Options to Consider

funding small business growth

Depending on your needs and financial situation, the choice you make for funding small business growth will vary compared to others. Click to read on.


Small Business Loan Government Options to Consider

small business loan government options

There are a lot of small business loan government options to consider. But you may also want to take a look at some other alternative funding solutions.