When It Comes to Alternative Lenders, Options Give You Power

Having access to different financing products can help you throughout your business’s life-cycle — so look for alternative lenders that can provide them.

When and Why Should I Get More Business Funding?

Credibly’s Customer Engagement team explains the entire process of re-funding, and why timing is everything.

A Brief Overview of Filing Self Employment Taxes

As a small business owner, you probably have many questions and concerns about your tax obligations. You may have even heard you don’t really need to file an annual tax return as a self-employed individual. However, the answer to this question and many more rests within an understanding of filing business taxes for the self-employed.

5 Small Business Tax Loopholes You Should Take Advantage Of

small business tax loopholes

These examples are just five of the ways that small business owners can take advantage of opportunities hidden in the tax code.

How To Get a Loan When You’re Self Employed

loans for self employed

Being self-employed puts you at a disadvantage when you're applying for a loan — but planning and preparation can make a huge difference.

What Is Growth Capital and Why Does Your Business Need It?

what is growth capital

Having the working capital to pay your bills every month is important, but to take your business further, it's growth capital you should pay attention to.

Is Invoice Factoring a Good Way to Fund Your Business?

Invoice factoring allows business owners to get advance cash on their invoices before they’re paid. It’s great for cash flow, but be aware of the drawbacks.


How to Finance Your Food Truck Without a Bank Loan

how to finance a food truck loans

A look at some of the less-traveled options that food truck owners have used to fund their trucks outside of traditional loans — from crowdfunding to competitions.

Access to Working Capital Is the Top Priority For Minority-Owned Businesses

Carolyn M. Brown Access to seed money and working capital is still a major challenge for minority-owned businesses. For new businesses, especially those that are minority-owned, having access to working capital—which is used to keep operations going and to pay bills—could mean the di

Can Bank Reconciliations Save You Money?

Bank reconciliations are not the most exciting task to perform, but doing them correctly can help you save money and improve the accuracy of your financial statements.