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Make a Big Online Splash With Your Home Services Business


Minyang Jiang

Whether you’ve been a home services pro for years or you’re just starting out, you already know that marketing is key to your success. It can cost big bucks to compete with the websites of major corporations, but fortunately, you don’t need a big budget to make a big impression. Most of your customers’ favorite platforms are absolutely free, and it doesn’t take a lot of technical skills to get your name out there.

Find Us on Facebook

This is more than just a cute tag line. As of September 2014, a shocking 71 percent of adults who use the internet have a Facebook profile, and more than half of internet-using seniors are testing the social media waters. These are the same consumers that hire home service pros like you. From your own profile, it’s easy to set up a page for your business. Once in place, connect with current and prospective customers through regular updates on business events, along with helpful hints and a bit of humor.

YouTube – You’re the Star

Before your prospective customers hire you, they’re likely to do some online research to see who has the expertise and personality to do the job right. Make sure that you’re the first one they call by uploading how-to videos written, directed and starring you. The camera on your phone is all you need to shoot a short clip sharing some tricks and tips of the trade. Download a free or low-priced video editing app to clean up your bloopers, then upload directly to YouTube. Make sure your video has a clear title and keywords that will pop up in relevant searches, and remember that quantity is critical. A 15-second piece once a week will quickly add up to a nice little library, giving you far more reach and impact than one longer video.

Blogging Basics

It won’t be long before you discover that you can’t survive without a website. These days, domain names are relatively inexpensive, and most services offer intuitive, user-friendly platforms to build basic pages. The biggest hurdle is keeping content fresh and relevant, so that you appear on the first page or two of search engine results.

A weekly blog post relevant to what your ideal prospects are searching for will ensure that your site stays on top. Post helpful hints, industry-specific how-to guides and answers to the burning questions your home service customers ask most frequently. Make sure your website is a quality resource for customers and prospects, and you can look forward to lots of traffic.

The beauty of the internet is that it offers individual home service pros the same marketing opportunities as major brands. You can quickly develop an online presence to build your home service business without a large cash outlay.