Low Cost Content Marketing Ideas for Restaurant Owners

You invested all your small-business funding in your location, food inventory, furniture, POS equipment, and other associated restaurant costs. You don’t have much left over for marketing, so it’s time to focus on inexpensive marketing methods that will get people through the door.

Ninety percent of companies utilize content marketing, according to a report cited in Business 2 Community, and for good reason. Many content-marketing strategies cost less than direct advertising and search-engine marketing, providing an accessible marketing option for your new restaurant.

Restaurant Blog

You don’t have to be a copywriting master to create an engaging blog about your restaurant. Spend 10 to 30 minutes per day writing about your latest menu items, funny stories about your restaurant, behind-the-scenes views of the kitchen, and other slice-of-life articles that display your restaurant’s personality.

Your readers want to know all about your restaurant, even the small details you don’t think are all that interesting. You’d be surprised how many people get excited over new equipment or the menu revamp process. The key to a quality blog is consistently adding updates. You don’t have to update every day, but a consistent weekly update schedule helps you build an audience.

Social Media Engagement

If you aren’t on social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you need to set up your profiles right now. You don’t have to create new content for your social media profiles; just repurpose longer blog posts for each social-media channel. What you’re looking for when you log in is engagement.

Post about time-sensitive topics, such as daily specials, and share related media on your channels. Over time, your fans and followers will post comments, reviews, and reach out to you. Talk with your audience, whether you’re addressing concerns or talking about your plans for the future. Social-media engagement is a way of building emotional investment in your customers.

Pin It to Win It

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social-media site with a highly visual focus. While it’s often billed as an arts-and-crafts site, there are plenty of drool-worthy food photos and recipes scattered throughout the page. One of the biggest advantages of a Pinterest presence is capturing the interest of women, as Pinterest’s user base has a strong female presence. You create pinboards with themed content, such as your seasonal menu pictures.

You don’t need a never-ending budget for marketing. Content marketing is an inexpensive advertising option that only costs your time at the beginning. While you can move into extensive content-marketing campaigns, the basics are easy to pick up and implement.