Accessing Capital

Franchise Strategy

Boost Profits With These Top Franchise Strategy Tips

Franchising is an excellent way for business owners to expand quickly and efficiently.
March 27, 2023/by Minyang Jiang
What is Franchise Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Franchise Insurance

Owning and successfully running a small business or a franchise comes with many responsibilities—one of the most important is being properly insured.
March 27, 2023/by Minyang Jiang
how to check a business credit score

How to Check Your Business’s Credit Score (And Why You Should)

Just as each person has a unique credit score, each business also has its own credit score. If you’re applying for financing, it’s important to know how to check a business credit score.
February 23, 2023/by Minyang Jiang
Loans for Medical Practices

Provide the Best in Patient Care With These Loans for Medical Practices

Starting and growing your medical practice is an expensive undertaking. Between the cost of equipment, staff, rent, and other operating costs, many medical professionals find themselves in need of additional funding.
February 23, 2023/by Minyang Jiang
Net Revenue vs. Gross Revenue

Net Revenue vs. Gross Revenue: Differences and What to Know

As a small business owner looking for financing options, you may have heard of cash flow lending, but you might also still be uncertain if it’s the right choice for you or your business.
February 16, 2023/by Minyang Jiang
How Cash Flow Lending Works

What to Know About Cash Flow Lending

As a small business owner looking for financing options, you may have heard of cash flow lending, but you might also still be uncertain if it’s the right choice for you or your business.
February 1, 2023/by Minyang Jiang
loans for consulting businesses

The Best Options of Funding for Consulting Business


Table of Contents

How Financing Supports…
January 18, 2023/by Minyang Jiang

What Is a Bridge Loan?

Small improvements can have a huge impact. If you care about your restaurant's success, make sure to keep these ten high-priority items on your to-do list.
January 5, 2023/by Minyang Jiang

How EverDry Waterproofing Expanded Business With ProApprove

Meet: EverDry Waterproofing, Northwest Ohio
EverDry Waterproofing…
October 15, 2022/by Paula Campbell
Restaurant Working Capital

Examples of Working Capital for Restaurants (and How You Benefit)

Think of capital as money to buy things and working capital as money to pay bills. Here are some things that restaurant owners have to know regarding working capital.
October 13, 2022/by Minyang Jiang

How Appleby Systems Delivers Excellent Customer Service With ProApprove

Meet: Appleby Systems
Founded in 1977, Appleby Systems is…
September 20, 2022/by Paula Campbell
business loans for laundromat owners

Business Loans for Laundromat Owners: Overcoming the Challenges

Business loans for laundromat owners can be used to cover different types of expenses. Click here to learn more.
September 18, 2022/by Minyang Jiang

Alternative Financing For Small Business

Table of Contents

Why You Should Consider Alternative…
August 22, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
business loan document requirements

Business Loan Document Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

Table of Contents

Documents Needed for Business…
August 16, 2022/by Minyang Jiang

What Makes A Restaurant Successful

Small improvements can have a huge impact. If you care about your restaurant's success, make sure to keep these ten high-priority items on your to-do list.
August 15, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Secured Business Loan

Why You May (or May Not) Want a Secured Business Loan for Your Small Business


Table of Contents

What is the Difference…
July 4, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Secured and Unsecured Small Business Loans

Find Out if a Small Business Loan is Secured or Unsecured (And Why it Makes a Big Difference)


Table of Contents

Secured and Unsecured…
June 28, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
How to get a small business loan

How to Get a Small Business Loan: Complete Guide

Obtaining a small business loan is often a critical step when…
June 21, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
business loans for auto repair shops

Business Loans for Auto Repair Shops: 3 Options to Consider

Many situations can result in the need for business loans for auto repair shops. Click here for helpful tips.
June 16, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
how hard is it to get a business loan

How Hard is it to Get a Business Loan?

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to expand,…
June 12, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Schedule Of Debt

Business Debt Schedule Template


Table of Contents

Everyone Needs A Debt…
March 29, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Alternative Loans and Financing for Small Business

Small Business Alternative Financing


Table of Contents

Why You Should Consider…
February 11, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Business Consolidation Loans

Small Business Consolidation Loans – Everything You Need To Know


Table of Contents

All You Need To Know About…
February 10, 2022/by Minyang Jiang

Can a Business Loan Be Considered as Income?


Table of Contents

Does a Business Loan Conunt…
February 2, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Business Debt Schedule

What You Need For Your Business Debt Schedule Template


Table of Contents

What Is a Business Debt…
February 2, 2022/by Minyang Jiang

January 18, 2022/by Shirley Zhao
Managing Business Debt

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Debt Management


Table of Contents

What Is Business Debt…
January 13, 2022/by Minyang Jiang
Types of Small Business Loans

The Different Types of Business Loans

Small business owners across the country are turning to online…
November 23, 2021/by Minyang Jiang
Business Loan vs Personal Loan

Business Loan vs. Personal Loan


Table of Contents

What is a Personal Loan?
November 23, 2021/by Minyang Jiang
16 Types of Small Businesses


Any kind of small- or medium-sized business can benefit from…
November 20, 2021/by Minyang Jiang
installment debt definition

Is a Small Business Loan an Installment Loan or Revolving Line of Credit?

November 15, 2021/by Minyang Jiang
sole proprietorship loans

Your Guide to Sole Proprietorship Loans


Table of Contents

What Does It Mean to be…
November 7, 2021/by Minyang Jiang
how do business loans work

How Do Business Loans Work?


Table of Contents

Small Business Loan Definition
November 7, 2021/by Minyang Jiang

Debt Service Coverage Ratio: Definition and Formula

When applying for a business loan or other form of financing…
February 23, 2021/by Shirley Zhao

Loans for Childcare Businesses: Daycare Loans and Grants

Starting and owning your own business can be a costly and time-consuming…
February 18, 2021/by Shirley Zhao

Letter of Credit: What is it and How Does it Work?

The exchange of goods and services for capital is the bedrock…
February 13, 2021/by Shirley Zhao

Depreciation: What it is and How to Calculate it

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for managing…
February 8, 2021/by Shirley Zhao

What is Negative Cash Flow?

One of the biggest challenges to running a company is maintaining…
January 6, 2021/by Minyang Jiang

Exit Strategy: Choosing an Exit Strategy for Your Small Business

Small business owners are often advised to focus on crafting…
January 5, 2021/by Minyang Jiang
1099 vs. W-2

1099 Contract Worker vs. W2 Employee: What’s the Difference?

Once your business begins to grow, you may be faced with the…
December 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

19 Home-Based Business Ideas | Credibly

19 Home-Based Business Ideas: How to Make Money From Your Own…
December 15, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
Start a Cleaning business

How to Start a Cleaning Business | Credibly

Spearheading your own cleaning business can be an inexpensive…
December 15, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

UCC Filing: What is it and What Does it Mean For Your Business?

For small business owners seeking to grow or expand their operation,…
November 27, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Small Business Loans for Veterans | Credibly

Small Business Loans and Grants for Veterans
Each year, veterans…
November 17, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Farm Loans: FSA Loans and Other Financing Options for Farms

Farmers are an essential part of the United States economy and…
November 17, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
Payroll Services

Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner with multiple employees, you’ve…
November 12, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
How to Start a Business

How to Start a Small Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re interested in the specifics of starting a business,…
November 12, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
S Corp vs. C Corp

What is the Difference Between an S Corp and a C Corp?

If you’re hoping to organize your small business as a corporation,…
November 12, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
Semi-Truck Financing

Commercial Truck Financing Options

Every small business has different needs in regard to physical…
October 28, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
IRS SS-4 Form

IRS Form SS-4: How to Complete and File the SS-4 Form

In order for your business to hire employees, obtain a business…
October 28, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
small business grants

Best Small Business Grants of 2020

If you’re a small business owner, chances are that this last…
October 28, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
Online store

How to Start an Online Store

In the Digital Age, your brand’s online presence can make or…
October 23, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Business Loans for Bad Credit


Small Business Saturday

Updated August 11, 2022
When the leaves start to change and…
October 8, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

How to Build and Improve Your Business Website

Creating a business website is one of the most crucial ways to…
July 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

The Best Small Business Grants for Women

Historically, women-owned businesses have had a more difficult…
July 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
Business loans for lawyers and attorneys

Business Loans for Lawyers, Law Firms and Attorneys

Updated March 09, 2023
An attorney is a viable career choice…
July 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

P&L: What is P&L and the Profit & Loss Statement

Updated August 2020
When it comes to financials, it seems that…
July 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang
writing a business plan

How to Write a Business Plan

Updated July 21, 2020
A business plan is a road map for your…
July 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

How to Build and Improve Your Business Website

Updated June 30, 2020
Creating a business website is one of…
June 30, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Small Business Marketing: 11 Ideas and Strategies to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

Updated June 16, 2020
As a small business, efficient marketing…
June 16, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

Sole proprietorships are the most common type of small business…
June 12, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Cost of Goods Sold: What is COGS and How Do I Calculate It?

If you own a small business that sells a product, such as food…
June 12, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Cash Flow Statement: What You Need to Know

Updated June 10, 2020
One of the most important things to understand…
June 10, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

What is Doing Business As?

Updated June 1, 2020
Starting a business can be one of the most…
June 4, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

S Corp vs. LLC: What’s the Difference?

Updated June 1, 2020
Choosing a business structure is a big…
June 1, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

When Are Quarterly Taxes Due and How to Pay Your Small Business Taxes

Table of Contents

What Are Quarterly Taxes?
May 26, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Overhead Costs: What is “Overhead” and How to Reduce Overhead Costs

Updated May 26, 2020
Overhead, otherwise known as overhead costs,…
May 26, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

How to Get a Business License

Updated May 21, 2020
A business license is a legal document…
May 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Profit Margin

Updated May 21, 2020
Profit margin is one of the most commonly…
May 21, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

Coronavirus & Small Businesses

Coronavirus: Tips and Resources for Small Businesses During the…
April 3, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

5 Financing Tips for Staffing Companies

Updated January 6, 2020
Running any successful business is an…
January 6, 2020/by Minyang Jiang

How to Finance a Partnership Buyout

When you and your business partner have decided to go separate…
November 25, 2019/by Minyang Jiang

The Soft Skills You Absolutely Need to Run A Successful Agency

The digital agency landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Having…
November 19, 2019/by Minyang Jiang

Learn How to Develop a Well-Rounded Marketing Plan

When you’ve poured your passion into launching a business or…
October 2, 2019/by Minyang Jiang

How to Get Your Small Business Back on Track Following a Data Breach

Disgruntled employees, malware, hackers, ransomware, and phishing…
September 23, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Invoicing Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Killer Invoicing Strategy

It's a basic rule of business: You need to send out invoices…
July 17, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
roofing business loan options

How to Improve Profit Margins in the Construction Business

Owning and operating a construction firm requires a deep understanding…
July 10, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Payment Acceptance Tips for Small Businesses

Payment Acceptance: 5 Tips for Small Businesses to Succeed

If you’re a small business, there can be a lot of pressure…
July 9, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Financial Tips for Small Business Owners

4 Smart Financial Habits That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Good financial habits can help you build wealth personally, but…
July 8, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Small Business Growth Tips

8 Ways to Improve and Grow Your Small Business

Working to grow your small business is exciting and daunting…
July 8, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Business Growth Preparation

My Small Business Is Ready For Expand – What Do I Do Next?

You’ve had some success with your small business. Now what?…
April 16, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Methods to de-stress as a small business owner

Proven Methods To Help Small Business Owners De-stress

Stress is an unavoidable by-product of owning a small business.…
March 11, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Small Business Cyber Security

5 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe Online

Cyber attacks can be devastating for businesses of any size,…
January 30, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
How to Re-Engage your email list when it's been too long

5 Ways to Re-Engage Your Email List When It’s Been a While

For 59% of B2B marketers, email is their most effective channel…
January 22, 2019/by Minyang Jiang
Restaurant Technology Implementations

Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability With These Tech Innovations

As consumer behavior continues to change, businesses must adapt…
January 7, 2019/by Minyang Jiang

What Does Credibly’s Securitization Mean for Small Business Borrowers?

In October, Credibly closed its first securitization—a giant…
January 3, 2019/by Minyang Jiang

Haig Papaghanian

Collateral Loans

Business Financing

What is Debt Financing? | Credibly

Equity Financing

Invoice Factoring

Short-Term Business Loans

John Madau

How to choose the best payment processor for your business

How to Find the Best Payment Processor for Your Business

Updated August 18, 2022
If you’re in the market for a new…
August 21, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
Small Business Financial Agility and Shock Resistance

How to Create An Agile Business

Everyone has experienced a financial shock, if not in business…
July 13, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
How to Hire a Collection Agency

How to Hire a Collection Agency: 9 Questions Small Business Owners Need to Ask

When customers owe you money, trying to collect those debts by…
July 13, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
Mindfulness for Small Business Owners

5 Mental Health Tips For Small Business Owners

Running a business takes a lot out of a person. Financial, mental,…
July 12, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Jerome Pender

12 Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips From the Experts (That Really Work)

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. According to one study,…
July 10, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Intelligent Department Leaders are Vital for Growth at Credibly, Meet Margi Fox & Naren Nayak

Troy, MI – Jun. 18, 2018 - Credibly, a Leading FinTech SMB…
June 20, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
Time Management And Organization Tips

4 Tips For Better Organizing Your Work Day And Managing Your Time

Have you ever met one of those people who knows how to make time…
June 20, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Employee Handbook: 5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs One

In the corporate world, employee handbooks are pretty ubiquitous.…
June 14, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
Public Speaking Business Goals

How Becoming a Great Public Speaker Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

When it comes to public speaking, your small business might seem…
June 12, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
Business Metrics To Pay Attention To

Five Metrics Any Small Business Should Pay Attention To

Sales figures, inventory tracking, customer retention, ad performance…
June 12, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Naren Nayek

Brand Strategy Meeting

Brand Strategy: Your Mission, Values, & Target Customer

What do your customers think when they hear your business’s…
June 4, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
Upset business owner recovering from a rejected loan application/

Rejected For A Loan? Do These 9 Things Right Now

Having your loan application rejected is a wake-up call that…
May 25, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Michael Seneski

Merchant Cash Advance

Michael Seneski Credibly CFO

Meet Michael Seneski, CFO at Credibly

Credibly, a leading FinTech SMB lending platform continued its…
March 7, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Oliver Mupas

Chad Cohen


How to Recruit, Hire, Motivate, Retain, and Reward Your Talent

How to Recruit, Hire, Motivate, Retain, and Reward Your Talent The three most important drivers that will make a business successful or unsuccessful are growth of revenue, control of costs, and management of talent. But if you manage the talent really well, your revenue and costs will fall into place almost automatical
February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business

6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business Franchising your business can seem like a massive undertaking. Fortunately, there are plenty of franchise resources available to help new franchises get off the ground, from industry associations and trade shows to educational publications and consulting firms.
February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Buy-Sell Agreements: Why Your Business Needs a Prenup

Real estate is one of the most critical strategic decisions that you can make when you are building your business. Whether you’re a franchisee, or you’re a franchisor and you’re trying to make your brand ubiquitous, you cannot be cheap with the real estate. You have to spend the money to get the best locations,
February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Detroit Strong: How Don Jaeger Built a Fitness Business by Putting Community First

Detroit Strong: How Don Jaeger Built a Fitness Business by Putting…
February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Providing Professional Services That Are Good for People, Planet, and Profit (3P)

Like any other small business, providers of professional services…
February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

What You Need to Know Before Taking on the Family Business

What You Need to Know Before Taking on the Family Business

February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

3 Ways Disorganization Could Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Bottom Line

In 15 minutes, you could finalize a contract, sign a deal, mastermind…
February 27, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

What to Do if Your Loan Application Is Rejected

What to Do if Your Loan Application Is Rejected – If…
February 26, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
small business company culture

Small Business Company Culture: Why You Need It (and How to Build One)

Spend any amount of time reading articles or listening to people…
February 26, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Small Business Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

Many small businesses struggle to see any return on their social media investment. Use these expert tips to boost engagement. (Some saw a 200+% improvement in one week).
February 23, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important, but we just don’t know how crucial it is. In fact, it’s safe to say brand awareness is the foundation of everything. It’s the first step on the path to purchasing a product or service. It even comes before preference and consideration. Without brand awareness, you can pretty much forget about
February 23, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
can student loan debt affect business financing

Can Student Loan Debt Affect Your Small Business Financing?

Unpredictable revenue coupled with a monthly student loan burden does not make for an attractive borrower profile. Here's how to put your best foot forward.
February 23, 2018/by Minyang Jiang
cash-only business

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Cash-Only Business

Does a cash-only business still make sense in the 21st century? Here are three surprising advantages of only accepting cash—and three major disadvantages.
February 23, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

3 Reasons Why Predictive Scheduling Laws Are Good for Business

If you’re the owner of a small business in a state like New…
February 23, 2018/by Minyang Jiang

Startup Business Loans

Invoice Financing for Small Business

Veteran Business Loans and Grants

Unsecured Business Loans


Inventory Financing

Franchise Financing & Loans

Equipment Financing

Business Loans for Women

business line of credit

Business Line of Credit


Office Space Investments That Pay Off

Office space investments contribute to a more productive workforce and happier atmosphere for your business: 6 ideas you and your employees will love.
December 19, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

How to Manage a Remote Team

The principles of managing a remote team aren’t much different from managing an in-house one. Here's how to make these long-distance relationships work.
December 9, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

How Complaint Handling Can Drive Your Business’s Growth

Effective complaint handling can make the difference between successful companies and ones that struggle to stay in business.
November 29, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

SEO Tips For Small Business

If you want to improve your website's results for 2018, you should start preparing right now. Here's what SEO is all about and how to put it into practice.
November 16, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business Communication

Effective communication can boost your team's productivity and reduce costly errors. Here are 8 things you can do to improve your business communication.
October 29, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

How to Plan for a Natural Disaster and Rebuild Your Small Business Afterward

Nearly 40% of businesses never reopen after being affected by a natural disaster. Here are five things you can do to avoid becoming one of them.
October 25, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Four Steps to Starting a Green Business

By starting a green business, you are benefiting the environment as well as creating a healthier space for yourself and your workers.
September 21, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Why You Should Fire Yourself From Your Small Business

If your business cards say “owner,” but you’re doing the work of a bookkeeper, sales manager, and busboy, it's time to step away and find a better solution.
September 14, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

3 Signs Your Employees Are Buddy Punching — And What You Can Do About It

Buddy punching is a form of time theft where colleagues clock in for each other, and it costs US employers more than $373 million each year.
August 9, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Small Business Finance Basics: A Guide For New Business Owners

Whether you are about to start your own business or have been running one for a little while, it's very important that you know your numbers.
July 26, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Debt vs. Equity Financing: What’s Best for Small Business?

Debt and equity financing both have their strengths and weaknesses. With so many options in each category, how do you know what's best for your business?
July 21, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Small Business Slow Season Survival Tips

Not all small businesses can remain busy year-round. We put together these slow season survival tips to help you maintain and grow your business.
June 29, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Building Your Small Business Sales Team

Hiring the right sales reps and supporting their success is easier said than done. Here are six pitfalls to avoid when building a small business sales team.
May 17, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

How to Build a Business in an Economically Depressed Area

Starting a business is never easy. It can be even harder to build a business in an economically depressed area. Here's how to pull it off.
May 6, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Business Insurance

Business insurance is a monthly expense that you may often grumble about, but it has saved countless small business owners from financial ruin.
April 12, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Secrets of the ‘Customer Loyalty Loop’: How to Create Experiences Your Customers Won’t Stop Talking About

The Customer Loyalty Loop author Noah Fleming discusses why timing is everything in customer outreach, why handwritten notes are so powerful, and much more.
March 22, 2017/by Minyang Jiang
working capital cycle

What Is The Working Capital Cycle, And When Is It Required?

One of the most common and popular types of small business loans , working capital loans are used by business owners and entrepreneurs to fund a variety of needs from new equipment to inventory management and much more. Perhaps the biggest advantage of working capital loans is the method by which repayment is taken. In
February 27, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

How to Determine Your Salary as a Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, one of your biggest concerns may be how to pay yourself a salary. Here how to figure it out, in two easy steps.
February 11, 2017/by Minyang Jiang

Buying vs Leasing Your Business Space: Pros and Cons of Each

Not every business needs a brick-and-mortar office. Yet, if your company wants to expand, there are good reasons to either lease or own business space.
November 21, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Retail Merchandising Tricks: How to Capture Attention in Your Store

For more valuable retail merchandising tips from Kizer Bender, download our free Credibly Business Journal, Vol. 4: Nailing Your In-Store Strategy.
October 25, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

How Two Entrepreneurs Built Beekman 1802 Into a Mega Lifestyle Brand After a Double Layoff

How did Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell build “the fastest growing lifestyle brand in America”? Read our latest Bootstrapper interview to find out.
September 8, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

For Inexperienced Workers, Job Training Should Start Before Hiring

Don't write off inexperienced workers. Here's how to coach your applicants as they come in, to make sure they end up in positions they're well-suited for.
August 12, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

5 Design Tips For A Perfect Restaurant

A restaurant, like a person, has a personality. Whether it’s regal and reserved or hip and edgy, restaurant design makes a statement about what to expect.
July 21, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

6 Ways to Combat Retail Theft in Your Store

Retail theft can seriously injure your bottom line. Here are some simple loss prevention strategies that every store should use to protect themselves.
June 30, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Compliance — Or Else

Small business compliance might not be the most exciting topic, but it's a critical function of success, and neglecting it could lead to major problems.
June 10, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Investing in a Franchise? Do These Things First.

How can you know if a franchise brand is a good fit for you and your money? Joe Tagliente explains what to look for, and how to compare similar franchises.
June 8, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

5 Low-Cost Small Businesses Marketing Research Techniques

Marketing research is a necessary investment for successful companies. Here how to validate your product idea and attract more customers on the cheap.
May 31, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Ten Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Small Business Finances

Reevaluating your business finances this time of year can keep your business on the right track. Here are 10 tips to get your business finances in shape.
May 12, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

7 Key Metrics for Managing Construction Businesses Cash Flow

Knowing these metrics gives you the information you need to properly manage cash flow, protect yourself against shortfalls, and plan for the future.
May 2, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

What Are Average Sizes Of Restaurants?

Too much space can give your restaurant an "empty" feeling and hurt your chances of success. Do this simple math to see how much space is right for you.
April 28, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Franchise Agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents: What You Need to Know

This Q&A with Barry M. Heller of DLA Piper is excerpted from Credibly Business Journal Vol. 1: Grow Your Business Through Franchising. Download it free.
April 18, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Q&A: Blink Fitness’s Todd Magazine on How to Stand Out in a Crowded Industry

The following Q&A with Blink Fitness President Todd Magazine is excerpted from Credibly Business Journal Vol. 1: Grow Your Business Through Franchising.
March 30, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Bootstrapper Q&A: StartUp FASHION Founder Nicole Giordano Talking About the Business of Encouragement

Nicole Giordano helps fashion designers find their amazing. In…
March 21, 2016/by Minyang Jiang
credibly story

Credibly Story: Mark VanderZanden, Owner of Surround Architecture [Video]

Surround Architecture Inc. owner Mark VanderZanden explains how partnering with Credibly allowed him to grow his business and meet his cash-flow needs.
March 14, 2016/by Minyang Jiang
equipment leasing brokers

Funding Sources For Equipment Lease Brokers: Alternative Lenders

Equipment leasing brokers who work with alternative lenders can arrange equipment leases with a level of speed and flexibility that wasn’t possible before.
March 8, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business

Franchising your business can seem like a massive undertaking. These franchise resources will make your life a lot easier.
February 29, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

How to Get a Home Office Deduction: Tax Season Tips

Got a business? If so, then you probably qualify for a home office deduction. All you need is a space that is regularly & exclusively used for your office.
February 17, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

What is Cash Flow?

Do you understand the difference between working capital and cash flow? Here's what each term means and how they affect your financial responsibility.
February 12, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

What Meals Are Tax Deductible For Business?

If you have a business and you eat, you're probably eligible for tax deductions. Here are four ways your meals — and your coffee — might be tax deductible.
February 10, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

10 Tips for Creating a Safe Construction Site

If you want a safe construction site, you have to develop a safety mindset in the workers, and demonstrate it at every level. Here's how to do it.
February 8, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Essential Money Management and Budgeting Apps for Entrepreneurs

Searching for the best apps to save you money can be an exhausting process. Here are six great apps we recommend for budgeting and money management.
February 2, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Paid Parental Leave: Should Small Businesses Try to Compete?

Only 12% of private employers provide paid family leave. Most businesses, especially small ones, cannot and do not offer this expensive benefit.
January 15, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Customer Loyalty Programs: Why Loyalty Programs Are Better than Coupons

Donald Burns (The Restaurant Coach™) explains why loyalty programs are a much wiser path to success than giving away your product.
January 11, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Understanding Prime Cost — The Simplest Way to Give Yourself a Raise

Prime cost is simply the addition of your two key controllable costs, labor and cost of goods. Ideally, you want to keep these costs around...
January 4, 2016/by Minyang Jiang

Bootstrapper Q&A: Getting Organized In The Workplace With Gluru Founder Tim Porter

"Gluru makes you more productive by pulling together the documents you need to accomplish whatever task you are working on at that particular moment."
December 30, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Bootstrapper Q&A: City Headshots Founder Martin Bentsen on How to Stand Out From the Pack

Living in New York means you always have options. And while that’s…
December 21, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Know Your Numbers: 5 Restaurant Metrics You Can’t Afford to Ignore

There's so much great data buried in your restaurant reports — but you have to know where to look. Here are the restaurant metrics worth keeping an eye on.
December 15, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

A Brief Overview of Filing Self Employment Taxes

As a small business owner, you probably have many questions and concerns about your tax obligations. You may have even heard you don’t really need to file an annual tax return as a self-employed individual. However, the answer to this question and many more rests within an understanding of filing business taxes for the self-employed.
December 14, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Five Questions: Ryan Rosett on Payment Technology in Online Lending

Five questions with the Credibly Founder/Chief Revenue Officer about payment technology, and how it helps to create a frictionless experience for borrowers.
December 8, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

A Guide To Sole Proprietorship Taxes

A sole proprietorship is one of the most common business entities used by those who are working for themselves — and it comes with its own set of tax rules.
November 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
small business tax loopholes

5 Small Business Tax Loopholes You Should Take Advantage Of

These examples are just five of the ways that small business owners can take advantage of opportunities hidden in the tax code.
November 25, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Detroit Strong: How Don Jaeger Built a Fitness Business by Putting Community First

In this Bootstrapper interview, Don Jaeger explains the challenges and triumphs of being a business owner, and how he built his success on his core values.
November 24, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Credibly Story: Rochelle Hunter Mosley, Owner of Salon 804 [Video]

Rochelle Hunter Mosley of Salon 804 in Harlem is one of the thousands of small business owners who have used Credibly to achieve their business goals.
November 23, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for self employed

How To Get a Loan When You’re Self Employed

Being self-employed puts you at a disadvantage when you're applying for a loan — but planning and preparation can make a huge difference.
November 20, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

What Is Working Capital?

Working capital is the money your company needs to operate, covering basic expenses like employee payroll and inventory.
November 18, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

5 Small Business Leadership Trends That ​Will Surprise You

Modern technology and innovation has created an unprecedented number of opportunities for small businesses to compete for market share with larger rivals.
November 16, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

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Edan King

Edan King

Ryan Rosett


Is Relocating Your Business Really Worth It?

If you're thinking of relocating your business, there needs to be a very good reason for it. And whatever you believe your cost to move will be, double it.
November 3, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Four Tips For Organizing And Managing Your Company’s Finances

Organized finances will lead to better decisions, better communication, and better results for your business.
October 29, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Five Pitfalls of Computerized Bookkeeping Systems and How to Avoid Them

Computerized bookkeeping systems offer ease of accessibility, time-saving processes, and greater organization. Few services in the business world lack drawbacks, however, and computerized accounting systems contain several pitfalls.
October 23, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

3 Most Important Marketing Concepts for Attracting New Customers

Before you spend a fortune on marketing for your small business, make sure you understand what really drives customer acquisition.
October 16, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Vanity Phone Numbers: The Old-School Business Tool That Won’t Go Away

Bruno Tabbi of Ignition Toll-Free explains how vanity phone numbers work, and why they're a great marketing investment for small businesses.
October 15, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are the best big cities for small businesses to make a splash? Credibly and Venngage have joined forces on a new infographic that lays it all out.
October 14, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

When and How Do You Know If Your Business Should File for Bankruptcy?

If your small business is failing, bankruptcy may be your best option — but it has to be handled the right way.
September 30, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

How is a Commercial Real Estate Deal Different From a Residential Purchase?

While residential buyers are advised to be realistic with their “must haves,” you should never sacrifice utility when it comes to commercial real estate.
September 25, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Why Are Bank Reconciliations Important?

Bank reconciliations are not the most exciting task to perform, but doing them correctly can help you save money and improve the accuracy of your financial statements.
September 21, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

How to Start or Grow Your Retail Business

Retail expert Nicole Reyhle provides 37 questions to ask about where your retail business could use some TLC, and whether you can afford it.
September 16, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

How to Conduct a Financial Stress Test on Your Construction Business

Like any other well-managed company, a construction business needs a financial stress test to understand how outside elements could impact their success.
August 28, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

How to Negotiate the Best Terms With Your Vendors

Vendor costs can be hefty, and it's important for all companies to consider ways to reduce those costs. Here's how to negotiate with vendors the right way.
August 25, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

If You Own a Food Truck Here Are The Costs (and Rewards)

Owning a food truck can help your restaurant get into markets you may not otherwise, but the myth that a food truck is cheap is one to be addressed.
August 24, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

How to Conduct a Financial Stress Test on Your Retail Apparel Business

Without a financial stress test, you may not know all of the risk factors that could keep your clothing shop from running at its best.
August 21, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

SEP, SIMPLE or 401(k): Which Retirement Plan Is Best for Your Small Business?

Whether you are a sole proprietor or have 100 employees, there is a small business retirement plan that will work for your business.
August 18, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Find Out Whether Your Business Is Franchisable

Every business can be franchised, but not every business *should* be. Here's what needs to be in place for a business to be successfully franchisable.
August 17, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

The FroYo Mogul: Solomon Choi of 16 Handles on Building a Dessert Franchise Phenomenon

Coming to market with the right product, at the right time, in the right place is not an easy trick to pull off — but Solomon Choi made it look easy.
August 12, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

When Are Small Business Taxes Due? It Depends on the Type of Business You Operate

Knowing what small business taxes you have to pay and when to pay them is crucial, because any type of mistake can lead to serious penalties.
August 11, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Does Your Business Need a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

What's the difference between bookkeepers and accountants, anyway? Which one will you need to hire for your business, and when?
August 7, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
small business lender

6 Tips For Choosing Small Business Lenders

It's very common for small business owners to look to lenders to help them finance business expenses. Click for tips when choosing small business lenders
July 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Medical Practice Financially Stress Test

The best way to mitigate risk to your practice and ensure you always have enough capital, is to conduct periodic financial stress tests on your business.
July 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Small Business Loan Requirements: What Is Required?

When seeking funding for your business it is important to take the time to learn about the small business loan requirements from various lenders.
July 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Top Business Loans for Timber & Lumber Business

There are an increasing number of options when it comes to business loans for timber business. Click here to find out what they are.
July 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Business Loans for Furniture Business Owners

The good news is, when it comes to business loans for furniture business owners, there are plenty of options to choose from. Click here to learn more.
July 25, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Orchard Industry Spotlight Featuring Former Credibly CEO, Glenn Goldman

Driven by a passion for empowering small business owners and…
July 24, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
business loans for food truck owners

Business Loans for Food Truck Business Owners

There are plenty of alternative business loans for food truck business owners. Click here to find out what they are.
July 23, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
business loans for bars or nightclubs

Top Considerations About Business Loans for Bar and Nightclub Business

Business loans for bar and nightclub business owners are available, but do your research first. Click here for helpful tips.
July 20, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

5 Contractors Using a Triple Bottom Line Approach to Business

Today, many contractors are taking the pledge to be more green and socially conscious by adopting a triple bottom line, or "3P" business model.
July 20, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

How To Get Approved for a Small Business Loan Quickly & Easily

Small businesses need working capital to grow their business. Click here to learn more about how to get approved for a small business loan.
July 19, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Darn Good Business: Scaling Growth and Helping Women Worldwide

Nicole Snow is a millennial, military vet, and the CEO of Darn Good Yarn. In this interview she shares how her business grew from $16K to $1M in six years.
July 7, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
benefits of instant cash advance

4 Benefits of Using an Instant Cash Advance

No matter what industry you hail from, your small business will most likely require a little financial help from time to time. Whether you need to pay your employees, buy inventory, or renovate your establishment, many times the liquid cash needed isn't available.
July 1, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
Dental Practice Loans

Dental Practice Loans

Deciding it is time to get business loans for dentistry business is the beginning step in a process. Click here to learn more about the process.
June 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Modern Business Loans for Optical Store Business

With modern business loans for optical store business, it can all be done online from the comfort of your home. Click here to learn more.
June 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for fishing business owners

Business Loans for Fishing Business Owners

You may find that getting a fish on your line is much easier than obtaining business loans for fishing business needs. Click here to read more.
June 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

What to Know About Small Business Loan Interest Rates

When considering the many factors that can affect small business loan interest rates, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Click here for helpful tips.
June 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Considerations About Business Loans for Oil and Gas Business

The oil and gas business is one of the most influential trades of today. Interested in learning about business loans for oil and gas business? Click here.
June 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Borrow Small Business Working Capital from Friends and Family

Borrowing money from family or friends can be a good way to get working capital for your small business, but be careful or you risk creating tension.
June 17, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

5 Ways to Fund Your Indie Retail Business

Even if you have a solid customer base, additional funding can help you expand your product line, work on branding and marketing, and grow your business.
June 1, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for insurance agents

Loans for Insurance Agents: 4 Options to Consider

Many conventional lenders are hesitant to make loans to insurance agents because they fail to see the hidden value in this type of borrower. They look at your financial records and assets, but fail to see the potential of your business. As an insurance agent, you are always on the lookout for ways to fund growth and ex
April 30, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
hvac heating and cooling loans

Loans for HVAC Heating and Cooling Businesses

Starting a new HVAC business? Already in operation, but need a little financial help to cover surprise expenses? You're not alone. Every small business owner needs a little help in the funding department on occasion, but sometimes relying on the bank is not in your best interests. The good news is that there are plenty
April 29, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for home subcontractors

Building a Strong Business: Loans for Home Subcontractors

Home subcontractors can sometimes face challenges when working to grow a successful business. As a subcontractor, your business schedule, funding for materials, and ultimately your paycheck are often in the hands of the contractor overseeing a project. It is not uncommon to complete a job and still be left waiting to r
April 28, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loan options hotel motel

Loan for Hotel Motel Business: How to Get One

Hotel and motel owners understand that there is a cyclical nature to their business. The economy and the health of the tourism industry often play a huge role in whether a year is wildly successful or extremely challenging. The nature of the hotel motel business can make finding the right loan difficult. Bank lenders a
April 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang

Business Loans for Contractors

Home contractors juggle many important tasks. Not only does this include various aspects of hands on project work, but they also deal with behind-the-scene tasks that keep the business growing. This includes everything from keeping up with payroll to having the right equipment and supplies on hand for each and every
April 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loan options handyman service

Easy Loan Options for Handyman Services Business

You may be handy with home repair, but taking those skills to the next level by operating a thriving handyman business, requires extra skill and the right tools. Besides marketing, reliability and providing great communication with your clients, financing is one of the most important aspects in helping your handy man
April 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for gas stations

Loans for Gas Stations: What Are Your Options?

Securing loans for gas stations can be much more difficult to complete than other types of small business loans. There are challenges specific to the nature of this business that you will have to overcome.
April 25, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for florists

How To Get Business Loans for Florists

So you've decided to turn your love of nature into your livelihood by opening your own florist business -- all you need now is a small business loan the seed money to get started. Obtaining a loan for any small business can be a confusing process, so here are four steps to guide you toward your "green" goal.
April 24, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loan options for electricians

Loan Options for Electricians

The electrician industry is a huge one in the US, with all sorts of various sectors within it. While many electricians work as employees for other business owners, many others run their own contracting business. If that's you, most likely your business will need a few extra bucks here and there to give it the boost it
April 24, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
dry cleaner loans

Dry Cleaners Loans: Options to Help Your Business Grow

If you are looking to open or expand a dry cleaning business, you should understand all of the safety regulations, required insurance and how to obtain financing. Dry cleaners loans may be the ideal way to cover your investment in large equipment and machines, cleaning solutions, conveyors, hangers, clothing covers,
April 23, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for doctors

Physician Loans: Mortgages and Other Loans for Doctors

When it comes to financing a medical practice, doctors face different loan challenges than other small businesses. While qualifying for loans may be easy because banks want your business, you need to understand some of the restrictions hidden within the terms of their loan products.
April 22, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for accountants

CPA & Accountant Loans

Accounting is a popular career choice, employing roughly 1.27 million people nationwide. Certified public accountants (CPAs) are constantly in high demand, making it a stable and lucrative career that scarcely suffers amid the economic ebbs and flows. In order to launch a successful accounting firm, ample startup capit
April 22, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
bed and breakfast funding

Meeting the Funding Needs of a Bed and Breakfast

When you own a bed and breakfast, you know how to make people feel comfortable and at home, but creating that perfect setting often requires extra funding. Whether it is overall repairs, upgrades to the guestrooms, or hiring more staff, continual investments are necessary to make your dreams of success come true.
April 17, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
business acquisition loan

Business Acquisition Loans: Understanding the Basics

Acquiring an established company is a reliable business venture that possesses fewer risks and higher returns on investment than building a business from scratch. When acquiring a business, you'll likely need to pursue business capital solutions so you can buyout the seller in full.
April 16, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
Pros and Cons for commercial loans for business growth

The Pros and Cons of Commercial Loans for Business Growth

Commercial loans for business are the most popular funding solution for small business growth, but are they best? Here are the benefits and drawbacks.
March 11, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
how to get emergency loans for your business

Emergency Small Business Loan

Get the Emergency Funds You Need For Your Business - Fast It can happen to the best of us in business. Maybe you under-estimated the budget for a certain project, lost a big client, or the courier service didn't deliver your materials on time that were needed to produce products to stock your shelves. Perhaps you used
March 10, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for interior designers

Loans for Interior Designers

As an interior designer, your skills are sharp when it comes to envisioning how beautiful the future can be. But, running your own business takes small business capital to pay suppliers, upfront costs of materials, contractors and your daily operation expenses.
February 28, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
funding solutions or landscapers and lawncare experts

Small Business Loans for Landscaping and Lawn Care

Much like starting any other small business venture, a landscaping and lawncare company needs money to start and grow. But oftentimes this much-needed cash isn't readily available, or is insufficient at best. That's where funding solutions for landscapers and lawncare experts come into the picture.
February 27, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for maid and cleaning services

Loans for Maid and Cleaning Services

As long as there is dirt, there will always be someone willing to pay to get it cleaned up. That is why owning a maid or cleaning service business can be a solid path to financial success. Dirt and grime has a steady, replenishing supply and a reliable demand for cleaning services will result.
February 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loan basics for liquor stores

Small Business Loans for Liquor Stores

Operating a liquor store is a dream come true for most. You get to work with people, sell a variety of popular beverages, and earn great money while you're at it. One of the primary attractions of liquor stores is that they remain a reliable business model, even in slumping economies.
February 26, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
Loans for manufacturing businesses

Loans for Manufacturing Businesses: Planning for Long-Term Success

If you are an entrepreneur seeking financing to launch or grow a manufacturing business, you are probably searching for just the right opportunity. There are several financing options from which to choose, but there are also unexpected lending sources that might provide better terms to fit your needs.
February 25, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
funding options for medical offices

5 Funding Options for Medical Offices

Operating a medical office is a noble pursuit and one of critical relevance to a thriving society. People rely on medical offices to facilitate care between patients and doctors, and efficiency and accuracy are imperative when operating a successful medical facility. Given it's such a vital job, you need to ensure that
February 24, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loan options for mobile phone dealers

Loan Options for Mobile Phone Dealers

For mobile phone dealers, a steady stream of financing is essential to watch your business grow. There are a number of small business loan options available so that you can continue to purchase the merchandise needed to cater to consumer demands. Selling mobile phones requires constantly renewing stock to keep up with
February 23, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
leak-free loans for plumbers

Leak-Free Loan Options for Plumbers

With over 380,000 plumbers operating in the U.S., plumbing provides entrepreneurs with a stable career choice that offers both stability and room for growth.
February 22, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for retail apparel shops

Loans for Retail Business

The first step to launching a successful retail store is obtaining the necessary capital to turn your vision into reality. Loans for retail apparel shops will allow you to establish an extensive and diverse stock, providing consumers with a wide selection to suit their personal tastes. There are several loan options at
February 21, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
roofing business loan options

Roofing Business Loan Options to Consider

Running a roofing company can be a highly lucrative and profitable business. But there can be challenges associated with it too, like coming up with the money to get the business off the ground and running.
February 20, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
business loans for salons

Business Loans for Beauty & Nail Salons

Salons can offer a fabulous business opportunity. But owning a successful salon requires steady cash flow that supports all components of the business:
February 19, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
loans for veterinarians

Loans for Veterinarians: How to Find the Best Funding Option for Your Practice

Veterinarians have special needs when it comes to cash-flow, improvements to their practice and planning for future growth. According to a report at,
February 18, 2015/by Minyang Jiang
cash advances for grocery store owners

Cash Advances for Grocery Store Owners

Cash Advances for Grocery Store Owners Merchant cash advances for grocery stores owners are helping this particularly unique category of small business owners all over the US keep their doors open, while also keeping their customers happy. 
March 13, 2013/by Minyang Jiang
business loan alternatives for pharmacists

Business Loan Alternatives for Pharmacists: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Business Loan Alternatives for Pharmacists: Just What the Doctor Ordered If you operate your own pharmacy and are looking for business loan alternatives for pharmacists, consider the convenience of merchant cash advances. 
March 13, 2013/by Minyang Jiang