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Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio: Formula and How to Calculate

Managing your small business’s daily operations is hectic enough without the added concern of performing routine accounting work for your company, a task many small business owners take on without much outside help.  While the responsibility of keeping your financial obligations in order and following proper accounting procedures can seem daunting, there is a simple […]


Contractor Loans: Business Loans for General Contractors

As a general contractor, you’re responsible for overseeing all aspects of your work site. Between hiring and managing subcontractors and monitoring the progress of workers on a daily basis, general contractors are responsible not only for keeping projects on track, but for acting as an administrative contact at all stages of the operation.  Though general […]


Small Business Loans for Veterans | Credibly

Small Business Loans and Grants for Veterans Each year, veterans around the United States start their own businesses after returning to civilian life following military service. If you are a veteran entrepreneur, there are many government resources to help you transition to business ownership and funding programs to help you find a loan or grant […]


How to Get a Business Loan

Obtaining a small business loan is often a critical step when starting and scaling a business. After all, financing provides business owners with the capital they need to launch their business, maintain cash flows during tough times, or expand their operation. However, obtaining funding as a small business can be a complicated procedure, if you […]


5 Financing Tips for Staffing Companies

Updated January 6, 2020 Running any successful business is an arduous task, especially when it comes to staffing companies. This holds especially true as the business grows, and new and unforeseen challenges crop up regularly. So, while it’s tempting to celebrate your wins and big contracts, you also need to be prepared with the capital […]


The 4 Worst Reasons to Take Out a Business Loan

By Ben Goldstein Before you take out a loan for your business, you have to ask yourself one question: Will this money help my business grow? If the answer is yes, you’re golden. But if you’re only looking to sustain a sinking operation or slap a band-aid onto a larger financial problem, then getting yourself […]