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7 Ways to Use That Dead Time While Your Customers Are On Hold



7 Ways to Use That Dead Time While Your Customers Are On Hold


Congratulations: you’ve created a successful sales funnel and now you’re fielding calls left and right. But, your work is not done yet: after laying the groundwork to get those customers and prospects to call, don’t blow it all with a poorly handled call experience.


In nearly every business, placing a caller on hold is inevitable and, most of the time, unavoidable. If you want to make sure your caller is still on the line when you’re ready to help them, consider the profit-boosting benefits of “On Hold Marketing”.


What Happens When Leads are Put on Hold?


Nearly 7 out of every 10 business calls end up being placed on hold. And while placing a call on hold might not seem detrimental, it’s actually the fastest way for your business to squander potential sales.


Studies show that most callers who are subjected to silence or annoying beeps on hold perceive their wait as nearly 3 times as long. They’re also not likely to stick around until their call can be answered. If you aren’t using On Hold Marketing, you might be surprised at how many sales your current phone system is costing you.