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6 Ways Retailers Can Profit From Baby Boomer Customers



6 Ways Retailers Can Profit From Baby Boomer Customer


The buzz these days is all about the Millennials. But while this age group is an important one for retailers to capture, it’s not the only demographic that matters. Four out of five retailers say at least half their sales come from Baby Boomers, Chain Store Age reports.


There may be more Millennials than Boomers overall, but the Boomers still hold 70 percent of the nation’s wealth. This holiday shopping season and beyond, how can your retail business attract more Baby Boomer customers? Here are six tips.


1. Get online. Maybe they used to let their fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages, but today Baby Boomers research stores and products online. Get your business listed on local search directories like Google My Business so Boomers can find you easily. But also know that Boomers use online information a little differently than Millennials.

While Millennials might expect to engage with your store online, Boomers are more likely to go online to look up your phone number or see what kinds of sales you’re having. Then they’ll call you or come in. Make sure your business website and social media pages include your phone number, address, hours of operation and other information people need to actually visit your store.