5 Ways to Create Super-Addictive Loyalty Programs

5 Ways to Create Super-Addictive Loyalty Programs


marketinginsidergroup.com – You want customers to love your brand.

Well, loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with building a quality relationship with your consumers.

To reach “cult loyalty” status, like Apple’s fanatics, customers must identify with your brand on a deeper level.

And one way to achieve that is through well-developed loyalty programs. It gives your company the opportunity to gain people’s trust.

The key is to build irresistible programs that excite your target audience.

“Today, building loyalty requires brands to deliver personalized messages across channels that fully engage consumers and build emotional connections between their products and customers’ needs,” says, Geoff Smith, the Chief Marketing Officer at CrowdTwist.

Here are five strategies to build a super-addictive loyalty program:

1. Tiered Systems

Tiered loyalty programs induce customers to change their spending habits. They tease shoppers with the opportunity to be part of a select group of consumers.

In a research study, 50% of “respondents said they increased their spending or changed other purchasing behavior in order to achieve a higher tier status in a rewards program.”