• Grow, Don’t Just Owe

Focused on the Working Capital Needs of Small Business

Debt financing provides business owners with a means to pad up their working capital and ensure business continuity, or take on new projects to expand their business without giving up equity.However, small businesses are historically underserved by traditional financial institutions.

The Problem

Often times small businesses do not have the credit profile, financial history, or large enough need for capital to receive a bank loan. And even when they are approved, the time to funding is too long to alleviate most short-term needs (90-120 days).

Your Purpose

We believe that you shouldn’t focus just on the capital, but also the reason you need the capital in the first place: to grow your business. We’ve created a simple, flexible system to help businesses access the best funding, growth capital, and working capital solutions.

Our Platform

Our unique business loan and working capital platform was designed with you—and your bank account—in mind. We offer competitive financing products for all parts of the credit spectrum with simple, flexible repayments so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Goal is Your Success

Many lenders tend to view their transactions as exactly that—transactions. At Credibly, you aren’t just a number: we believe in fostering growth partnerships. Your success is our goal, so we educate you throughout the entire borrowing process and are constantly upgrading our product suite to better meet your needs. We also provide you with a platform to monitor your account financials, details, and repayment history.

Product may not be available to borrowers in all states. Please talk to a Credibly Customer Success Team member for details.